Protecting Biodiversity in NC

By: Lindsey Dickens

Bald Eagle

Bald Eagles are mainly brown with a white head and tail. You may be wondering why they're called BALD Eagles when they obviously have white feathers on their heads. The name actually comes from an old English word — piebald — which meant “white headed" rather than hairless.

Where it's found?

The Bald Eagle is found in all parts of North Carolina

Why it's endangered of extinction?

n 1967, the Secretary of Interior listed bald eagles south of the 40th parallel under the Endangered Species Preservation Act of 1966. Following enactment of the Endangered Species Act of 1973, the Service listed the species in 1978 as endangered throughout the lower 48 states, except in Michigan, Minnesota, Oregon, Washington, and Wisconsin where it was designated as threatened.

What is being done to prevent extinction?

the Service has reviewed comments received on that proposal along with new data and information to determine the best ways to manage the species once it is removed from the protections of the Endangered Species Act.