Research info-graphic

By: Ashley Wheeler

Sites to use:

Some good reliable sources are....

Explora middle school on the lakeview website


Mid continent website


Make sure you site your sources

1. Who is the author- if you do not have permission to copy paste then you need to cite the source

2. Make sure you do not copy paste put the information in your own words

How do I know if this cite is credible?

You can tell if a cite is credible if it is



because those are credible but .com is just anyone really

NEVER use wikepidea because that could be a 1st grader giving you information.

MLA citation

MLA citation is a type of citation that is mostly used for research papers but can be used for other types of writing but most people use it when writing a research project. You use MLA citation when giving credit to the author and to link the source that way you know it is true.


What it is- Plagiarism is taking someone else's words without permission and saying they are yours

How do I avoid it- Make sure you cite your sources, make sure you ask for permission and put things in your own words.

Difference between quoting, paraphrasing, and summarizing

Quoting is where you repeat or copy words from a text or speech by another person.

Paraphrasing is the meaning of a text, or putting something in different words Example- the signal was red= the train was not allowed to pass when the signal was red. so you are adding to the text.

Summarizing means where you giving a brief discribion of what the book, passage or text was about to fill in other people but only with a few sentences usually the most important parts of the text.

Using search terms

Make sure you are on advanced search and then use the key words never just type in the question because then you are not going to find anything about the topic.