By:Maddie Rendon & Kendyll Keyes

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Capital of Texas:D

The capital of Texas is San Antonio.

Natural Resources, imports and exports important to that part of Texas.

-San Antonio River.

-Gold and silver...other things as well.

3 Of our Laws

  • If you cut down a tree then you have to plant 2 more and pay for the seeds
  • No texting while driving
  • If you kill a peacock then you have to go to jail for 5 years

Where we stand on the issues of Indians, land policies, economics, and education.

We used to have issues with the Indians but since we now have a more developed community we no longer have to worry about interfering in a bad way with the Indians. As for land policies we often have problems with our neighboring towns. The other towns try to attack our land but we try to defend it. Our policy is that the first person to claim it gets to keep it. Otherwise it will be handled by an official. (Rock, Paper, Scissors:) We have some issues with economics. People have farms and jobs that pay enough to raise a family. And then there are the people who are just bad and are always having to pay fees. As the capital of Texas we suggest that children go to school because education is important. We have a school here at the capital for everyday reach.

Problems with Mexico, U.S. and, unsettled territories

We have little problems with the United States, but we do have trouble with Mexico because they are always trying to attack us. We are trying to solve these problems by setting borders. Mexico people cannot enter into Texas, and if permission granted United states people may enter.

Hope you liked it:D