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Special ticket submission system

We interpret it as that it was a selfish aspect when setting the queuing system discussed. Anyone who uses a specific special is sympathetic to that particular queue, while those who do not get to use the same queue is unsympathetic number systems Observations number systems are common in Stockholm, we conducted observations at a liquor shop, a bank office, at one of SJ's ticket sales locations as well as at a store that sells high-tech electronics and accessories partly via Internet and partly over the counter. We noted the observation that there are where there is the opportunity for the customer to choose between two or more number queues, such a queue for the queuing system booked goods and one for uncooked goods. We have chosen to report the observation and staff interviews from the two systems separately. Simple number. The second Systembolaget we visited was located centrally in Stockholm, there was the room many checkouts and service staff found themselves behind a long L-shaped counter.
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Out in the waiting area were glass cases in which a large part of the store's catalog was issued. For each product, there are various information (taste, price, country of origin etc.) on the specially designed patch. The quick line management queuing system was a simple queue-systems and the bib dispenser was positioned about two meters into the room, directly in front of the entrance. Above the machine was a painting that showed the estimated waiting time from when the customer has taken their bib number. We decided to take queuing system a queue ticket and when we did, it gave the information board information about the waiting time was estimated to nine minutes.
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Furthermore, hanging a wall clock above the counters. In total there were nine seats in the room and they were placed in a corner of the waiting area. In the room were the company's product catalog, as well as directories with news and other queuing system information that customers were free to take off. At the time of observation felt the atmosphere in the room calm and relaxed. The first thing that struck us in the store was that there were many funds, the question is whether it ever arise situations where all are open? The simple system with only one queue eliminates any unfair problems and means that the customer immediately knows that she has found a place in the queue.
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We believe that there is scope for queuing system increasing the number of seats in the venue. Glass display cases with samples and information is something that provides the ability for customers to occupy themselves during the wait, as we saw that many waiting customers did. Details patches contributes to fewer questions need to be answered by the staff at the counters, which in turn probably shorten waiting times. However, we saw an opportunity to give customers access to information stations where additional information can be requested by customers. Number The vending machine was located in a logical spot and is hard to miss for customers when they enter the premises
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It leads to a minimization of uncertainty as a result of any how queuing in the shop functions. Billboard with information is good, but quick line management unfortunately sued the time is not (it took twelve minutes before it was our turn). Hue& The in Durrande-Moreau (1999) question the information on the estimated waiting times when they are expected to be short (five minutes). While it may be difficult for customers to evaluate whether wait will be shorter than fifteen minutes.