Dental Hygienist

Making lives better and teeth whiter!

What is a Dental Hygienist?

Dental Hygienists remove soft and hard deposits from teeth, teach patients how to practice good oral hygiene. and provide other preventive dental care!

Want to know a cool fact?

Dental Hygienists take and develop X-rays of a patients mouth to help diagnose probblems.

This job benefits society!

Educations required, along with some skills!


Educational requirements to be a Dental hygienists are, a High school diploma a college entrance test scores. Courses in Biology, Chemistry and math classes such as Algebra and Geometry are required. Some special skills needed are, to have the aility to work well with others and have good manual dexterity. You have to have a positive personality and a good attitude. Being outgoing is always great.

Annual salary, Job growth and Companies

Dental Hygienists make $69,280 a year. They have 21% In demand Job growth, and their companies that hire in this field are, Bright Now! Dental, ETS Dental and U.S. Army.