Humans - Impacted by Climate Change

The problem and what YOU can do.

What is Climate Change?

Include the information you know and understand about global climate change and its causes. Check in your notes and find REPUTABLE sources online to describe the problem fully in a paragraph. You can be creative and make it sound good. It should not sound like a regular school report, the whole flyer should sound like a newsletter that a climate awareness group might send out to the community. (at least 1 source)
YALI Network - The Basics: The Science of Climate Change
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The Results of Human Caused Climate Change

Include some evidence that you have found for the results of climate change in a paragraph. We read articles in class that had to do with current events; you could include a link to a news or scientific article you found showing current issues associated with the changing climate (at least 1 source).

Highlight: Humans

Introduce your organism. Describe your organism so that people know what you are talking about. What do they look like? Where do they live? What resources do they depend on? How large is the population? Use ecology unit vocabulary to describe the population you are focusing on in 1 to 2 paragraphs. Include links to your online resources as well as some pictures (at least 1 source).
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Highlight: The Plight of Humans

Include lots of information and scientific proof that shows how climate change is impacting the population. This section should be a little longer because it is your focus. Include links to videos, news articles, websites etc. and summarize the information you found in each (at least 2 sources).

Ms. Harding's Climate Activists

Ms. Harding's Climate Activist group meets once a month. Our mission is to inform the community about issues associated with climate change. We send out a newsletter to keep the community updated on current issues and opportunities to help.