Lovely Lakes

By, Victoria Atkins the lake expert

What is a lake?

Wanting to go to the lakes today. Well do you even know what a lake is cause their is much more to lakes then just swimming and fishing. A lake is a small body of water with no wave action.

Fantastic Facts About Lakes

  • Lake Superiors area is 31,700 square miles
  • Bottom of lakes are usually covered with mud
  • Not a lot of wave action
  • If there were no plankton in the world then there would be no humans and very little organisms

Producers that Pounce

A producer is an alive organism that lives in an ecosystem. Also a producer makes it's own food. Producers are usually plants. Some examples of producers that live in lakes are algae, rooted plants, plankton and much more. Producers are good things to have in a ecosystem!

Crunchy Consumers

Consumers are animals that hunt for food. Unlike producers consumers can't get food from the sun. There are consumers that live and hunt in lakes. Some consumers that live in lakes are snails,clams, insects, fish,amphibians, dragonfly, turtles, snakes, and ducks.

buitiful bamboo bear biotic factors

Biotic factors are living creatures. Biotic factors depend on abiotic factors to live. Biotic factors are animals and plants. In order for biotic creatures to live in ecosystems they need to meet there needs. Abiotic factors help biotic factors live. Some examples of biotic factors that live in lakes are fish such as bass, and mosquito fish. There are also raccoons and foxes.

amazing abiotic factors

Abiotic factors are not alive. Abiotic factors help biotic factors live. Abiotic factors help ecosystems. Without abiotic factor biotic factors could not live. Abiotic factors do not need anything to be in a ecosystem. Some examples of abiotic factors that are in lakes are temperature, weather, and water.

predators and prey

Predetors are animals or plants that eat and hunt their prey. Prey is the animal or plant that is being hunted or ate by their predetor. Some examples of predetor and prey that live in lakes are a bass eats a worm, snakes eat ducks, and frogs eat inscets.

Cause and Effect in lakes

If a small fish swims near a big fish then the big fish will eat the small fish. Also if a group of fish are swimming near the shore then a raccoon or fox will eat it.