Mr. Huelsman's Science Class

Weekly Update 01/11/16

Good Monday Morning!

Good morning. I hope all is well and everyone is staying warm. This week in science we are continuing our unit on the human body. Last week and continuing into this week students are starting to learn about all the different body systems found in the human body and the role of all the organs within these systems. There is a lot of vocabulary for students to learn and I have been encouraging them to practice this vocabulary using Quizlet when working on their fifty minutes of study time each week.

Below are some other announcements and this week's tentative classroom schedule. Have a great week and take care!

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Glen Helen Coming This May 2016

We are working on getting information packets together and will be sending them home soon. If you have any questions, please email me and let me know. Thanks!
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Quiz Next Wednesday 01/20/16

There will be a short quiz next Wednesday. Students need to study vocabulary found in Quizlet and also readings done in class.
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Tentative Class Schedule

Monday 01/11/16: Students will turn in study log and collect new one. Students will finish Activity#12 "What's Happening Inside?" Part C. Analysis question number six will be assigned on Google Classroom and due Wednesday 01/13/16.

Homework: Analysis question number six from Activity#12 "What's Happening Inside?" Study log.

Tuesday 01/12/16: Students will start and finish Activity #13 "Living With Your Liver".

Homework: Analysis question number six from Activity#12 "What's Happening Inside?" Study log.

Wednesday 01/13/16: Students will start Activity#14 "Breakdown" in class.

Homework: Study log.

Thursday 01/14/16: Students will finish Activity#14 "Breakdown" in class. Students will be assigned analysis question number four and given time in class to work on. Analysis question #4 due Friday.

Friday 01/15/16: Students will start and complete Activity #15 "Digestion" in class.

Homework: None. Have a safe and fun weekend.