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Lauren R

I chose this quote because...

I chose this quote because it shows reading has and mood, a knowledge, and it's your choice to get up and learn it! It also explains that no story is big enough for the world, so it's expressed in books!

About Me

Hi! I'm Lauren! I like reading almost all genres of books! I've read for a long time, even when I couldn't read, my dad would read to me. My favorite genre of books are fiction books, because the author can get as creative as they want. I've read those types of books most of my life, too. My favorite time to read is right before bed, or at school. I even have a specific book I read at home, and one I read at school. I like to read books from a series best because, if I like the book, it won't have to end as soon! This is the reason I like longer books, too. Some of my favorite series are the Divergent Series, The Twilight Saga, although that series make me sort of uncomfortable, The Saving Mr. Terupt Series, and The Three Time Lucky Series. These books are creative and have character, which I love. They also have good out comes in the end, with the exception of the Divergent Series, but I still like those books, too. Good outcomes make me happier to end the book, because if books are sad, sometimes it leaves me in a bad mood.

The Songs That Get Me Reading

I like upbeat songs for upbeat stories, and sad songs for sad stories, but I don't really read sad stories. I like songs like "Outside" by Calvin Harris because it's fun and not too serious, at all. I also enjoy the songs that come from the book series. These types of songs come from the movie that they created to bring the book to the big screen. These song are written for the book specifically, so they have the exact same mood as the book does.
Calvin Harris - Outside ft Ellie Goulding (Lyrics On Screen)

My Latest Read

I recently been reading The Twilight Saga, and The Fault In Our Stars. I like these books because they leave you wondering what will happen in the end. They show a struggle, and a way to get over it. In The Twilight Saga, I'm on the book Eclipse. They both are great books that I would recommend to my cousin, who has the same kind of "taste" of books as I do. I will say that it is sort of a confusing read, and sometimes is slow moving in some parts, but it's still a great read!

My Favortites

My favorite books are, Divergent, Insurgent,Allegiant, Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, The Fault In Our Stars, ect. I like John Green's books, Stephenie Meyer's books, Shel Silverstein's books, Veronica Roth's books, Sheila Turnage's books, and lots more! In my free time, reading is one of my favorite things to do, but I also love getting outside and hang out with my neighbors. I also like gymnastics and volleyball, it keeps me active. It's good to get outside and be active!
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Barnes and Noble

Barnes and Noble is a great site to find what book you should read next based on what you've read before and what you want to find in a book. I've used it many times and never have had a problem with the site before. Link to home page!
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