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Principal's Weekly Communication -Week of Oct. 13

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Academic Focus

We are focusing PLC meetings discussing purposeful instruction and data analysis.

Below is a link to the Math Expressions website created by Student Learning.

Kindy PLC Schedule:

Grades 1-5 PLC Schedule

Culture Focus

We had an awesome first celebration. Thank you to everyone for making it a success. Our October celebration will be the APEX FUN RUN assembly Nov. 1st @1:50.

Check out the photos in our Husmann Central folder

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Looking to highlight text on a PDF Document?

Our Rising Star Team learned a new technology tool called Kami. Using Kami we could project a document, highlight important information and add notes next to the highlights for our team to consider. This was a great visual. Check it out and see how this could be embedded into your instruction. Close reads anyone?

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APEX Video

2nd APEX Video

  • 10/31-8:15-8:45 Teacher Huddle-LMC
  • 11/1-Pep Rally 1:50-Auditorium (October PBIS Celebration)
  • Week of Nov. 1 and Week of Nov. 7 APEX lessons in the classroom. 8 minutes per classroom.

More information coming.......................................

Adjustment to Meeting Dates

Oct. 18-LMC-Erin's Law Presentation for Staff-8:15-8:45

Oct. 31st-LMC-Teacher Huddle APEX Fun Run-8:15-8:45

Nov.1st-LMC-2016 Safety Awareness Training-Crystal Lake Elementary District 47 8:15-8:45

Nov. 8th Institute Day

Parent Teacher Conference

Tuesday, Oct. 13 - Reminder e-mails will be sent out 5 days prior to 19th from Sign Up Genius. Hard Copy reminder notes will be distributed to teachers from the office to be sent home. Updated Report has been placed in Parent Teacher Conference Folder this week.

Monday, Oct. 17th-Updated Report will be placed in Parent Conference Folder this week.

Sign UP List for Teachers

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  • Kaila Pigman: For teaching her class to sign the alphabet and demonstrating class citizenship! K. Belke

    Kelli Christy: For caring enough to make sure students have the snacks they enjoy in case they don't eat their lunches so at least they have "full tummies" (her motto, not mine!).

  • Appreciate all of your hard work and your putting up these beautiful musical production for the whole school, Mrs. Ladner.

    I LOVE it:) I laughed and teared because it was so "innocently" heart-touching.

  • Linda L. rocks for being flexible and reliable in helping me with my Kindergarten students this year. Thank you Linda! -Kim

  • I would like to say that Joy Burney ROCKS! She has been writing our announcement scripts for the past two weeks and I cannot thank her enough for generously donating her time and writing talent! Thanks Joy - YOU ROCK!

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Georgio’s Dining for Dollars 4-9 pm

School Board Meeting 7 pm


Faculty meeting 8:15 am-LMC

5F to McHenry County Historical Society 9-12:00


Early release - 2pm dismissal

Parent Teacher conferences 5-8:00 pm


Parent Teacher conferences 12-8:00 pm


Parent Teacher conferences 8-11:00 am

Parent Teacher Conferences

10/19 Early Release. Teachers are in the building 2:00-3:55. This is teacher time to plan and collaborate. If you would like to go home prior to conferences that would occur at 3:55 no earlier. Dinner will be provided for staff in the Teacher's Lounge starting at 4:00 for those of you that would like to stay. HPTO is providing dinner on 10/20 starting at 4:30.

(No report cards need to be reviewed. That was last year since they were new)

  • Please review each child's folder before the conference and become familiar with his/her school history. Especially look for any special referrals, help, health conditions, etc.
  • Spend some time explaining areas the child has done well in for you.
  • If you have concerns to bring to the parent’s attention, do not just list them. Review the things you have done to help correct the problems already. Provide suggestions on how the parents may help as well. Please do not let the parents go away with a helpless or defeated attitude.
  • Avoid verbal or written labels like “LD”, “slow learner”, and “hyperactive”. State behaviors to the parent. If it seems appropriate, let the parent know that you may want to check with the psychologist, social worker, learning specialists, etc. to help with your concerns. Do not promise any specific actions from the psychologist or social worker, etc.

Remember, we are just in the 8th week of school. Let parents know that the purpose of meeting early in the year is to discuss how their child is adjusting to the grade level, what they are working on now, and upcoming expectations.

  • Student adjustment to new grade level

  • Student strengths

  • Where student is now, where we want to go next

  • Overview of MAP Student Progress Reports (MAP reports will go home with parents)

  • MAP goals (share, do not send home as will refer back to these during Winter)

The following link has great ideas for using the conference as a bridge to communicating with parents on an ongoing basis.

parent/teacher conference tips