Pragat M.'s 5th Reading Reflection

By Pragat Muthu Per.6

# of Books and # of Pages

4.5 Books

1110 pages

My Favorite Book

My favorite book that I have read was the book The giver, by Lois Lowry. This book showed me what some people, albeit fake ones, will do to keep their families and their community safe. This book truly opened my eyes. Until I read this book, and I concede that I sadly still am, I believed that if a nice person had power over a group of people, he or she could keep them safe from the dangers of the world. Him or her would be powerful enough that the could quash the small, but dangerous, items that cause chaos. Like drunk driving, violent T.V/Video games, drugs, and etc... After reading the Giver, I realized that hiding people from danger may sound good, but you are actually are making them impoverished in what shapes them to be what we are, human. Another reason this is the best book I have read this 6 weeks is that this book guided me towards its, almost equally great, sequels.

5th Six Week's Goal

My goal this six weeks was to read one non-fiction for every two fiction books. So the ratio of fiction to non-fiction should be 2:1. I am in the middle of this goal, because, as reader who is feckless when reading non-fiction, I chose a non-fiction book with 336 pages. I cannot read that much in one run, so I decided to split into two sections. I am currently still gleaning the knowledge from the second half.

6th Six Weeks Goal

My goal for the 6th six weeks is to make a summary of each book, but instead of doing it in a normal paragraph style I will write it as a a poem. The reason why I am doing this is that I have, recently, started to write a lot of poems and as I both enjoy writing poems and reading books, I decided to combine them. First I will write points about everything in the book. Then, I will write a normal summary. After this, I will write a poem. To make sure I am writing the poems I will ask Mrs. Thompson to sign off on my poem.