Keenan Ariante

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Personal Statement

Personal Statement: Keenan

Personal Statement

Money… it’s green and it makes the world go around. I've learned at an early age that if I work hard and am willing to do anything, I can make money. I've realized that making money comes with hard work, and I have had some experience with that. When my dad still had his business open I used to go work and wash houses with him. I have also learned that when dealing with customers I might have to speak a different language to communicate with them, so I am currently learning Spanish. Being a hands on person it allows me to complete many tasks from helping my dad wash houses to typing essays for school. Some of the tools I use really well are Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Publish, Note, Excel, Paint, and Activinspire. I am a quick learner and I am willing to help anyone I can.



Byrd Middle School: 2009 to Present

Springfield Park Elementary: 2003 to 2009

Work Experience

Washing Houses







Work Experience Journal

12/21/12 To prepare for work experience I have learned that writing personal statements and resumes are not the easiest thing in the world. I have also learned how to create a webpage to share my information effectively. Creating the website was fun and easy.

1/25/13 Although I was not here for professional day I was able to come to the library during the next couple of days to catch up on what I missed.

1/30/13 Today we had interviews and I received good feedback on them. I enjoyed using the Ipad for the QR codes and it made the teachers more interested in what I was interviewing for.

2/6/13 Delivered an endless amount of computers and fixed a lot of them to. Getting the hang of fixing and delivering them.

2/8/13 Did not deliver as many computers as Wednesday. I fixed a lot more today than Wednesday.

2/13/13 Fixed many computers. Learned how too do the start-up process for laptops and learned how to use Winschool.

2/15/13 Delivered many computers and fixed many. Nothing Special.

2/20/13 Working at the help desk is easier than I thought and getting easier by the day. Also the job is more fun than I expected it to be.

2/22/13 Fixing computers is more fun than delivering them but I am getting paid to do both but it is my Job.

2/27/13 I delivered more computers and learned about taking tickets when people bring their computers in.

3/1/13 Fixed computers all day and did not have to deliver any. It was super slow.

3/6/13 It snowed.

3/8/13 Fixed many computers.

3/13/13 Took in peoples computers at the window and delivered computers.

3/15/13 Fixed a bunch of computers and ate brownies.

4/10/13 Went home early.

4/12/13 The help desk has new hours so I do not have to work the window. Re-imaged a computer.

4/17/13 Delivered a few computers and re-imaged one.

4/19/13 Assigned new students computers and had a coke.

4/24/13 Fixed may computers. Only delivered a few because Aida and Gillian were delivering.

4/26/13 Delivered computers pretty much the whole block.

5/1/13 Delivered computers and fixed some.

5/3/13 Fixed computers while eating my lunch. Also fixed my own computer.

5/8/10 Did not work at the help desk. Instead I worked with Deependra and graded papers.

5/10/13 Did not work at the help desk. Moved books with Carnelle.

5/15/13 Fixed computers and delivered some. Re-imaged some computers.

5/17/13 Delivered some computers with Aida. Fixed a few to.


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