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Upcoming Session - Term 4 Week 8

In this session participants will be looking at the ins and outs of Adobe Illustrator. Please join the session to learn the basics of this powerful Adobe application and discover how to authentically integrate the use of the tool into the classroom.

Presenter: John Dance-Wilson, Acting IT Manager, Schools

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The South Western Sydney Region Bits & Bytes video conference series will focus on showcasing skills and integration ideas for software programs that are part of the T4L rollout, DER laptops and free Web 2.0 applications that can be used in the classroom to support teaching and learning.

When and How?

The Bits & Bytes sessions will be advertised each term through SchoolBiz and will be held each fortnight (even weeks) on Wednesday after school from 3:15pm to 4:00pm. These sessions are free and can be added as 45 minutes of teacher identified TPL for new scheme teachers.

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Archives: Term 4 Week 6

In this session participants will be looking at how tablet technology (iPads) are transforming the way students engage with the curriculum. A Stage 3 teacher will be sharing his experiences with using iPads in his class with the QTF in mind!

Presenter: Luke Harris, Homebush West Public School

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