Welcome Back to School

We are thrilled to meet you! Back to School Edition!

This is Going to Be A Great Year!

Welcome to 8th grade! We are excited to be starting a new school year with YOU! Please make sure you and your parents meet us in person on Friday, August 2nd for our Back to School night. You are also scheduled to pick up your 8th grade text books on Tuesday, July 30th! Check out the flyer for more information about times and food options for Back to School night.
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The First Day of School is a minimum day - August 5th!

We have been busy planning for a great new school year. Mrs. Kaneshina and I have been studying and have been trained on a coding and robotics curriculum that will be implemented in class and also in after school coding classes. We are excited to share with you important note taking skills, interactive notebooks, and lots and lots of homework (Just kidding!)! Be prepared to do lots of reading, speaking, and thinking in our classes. We plan our classes to be very interactive and an interesting place to learn!

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do to help my child be successful in school?

1. Check the Websites of your Teachers (www.kanley.org) and AERIES often.

2. Have your child re-read and add meaningful color to their Interactive Notebook.

3. Read the book your child is reading in class and discuss it with him/her.

4. Maintain communication - if something isn't right let us know so we can work together to fix it!

5. Ask your student to share their completed work, both before and after it has been graded - this works very well with the interactive notebooks.

6. Sign the Thursday Folder each week - this is an opportunity to have a weekly conversation with your child about their grades in all of their classes. Surprises at the end of the grading period are not usually good surprises!

What is on the shopping list?

This is a suggested supply list. Purchase of these items is voluntary. Many parents have requested a list of supplies that are appropriate for each grade level, so here is what is needed in 8th. Note that some items may be for whole class use. We hope this will be of some assistance to you.

In Class

Classroom Essentials:

• Pencils, pencils, & more pencils! (Mechanical pencils work best)

• Colored pencils, markers, gel pens & crayons

• Several non-erasable red, green, or blue pens (for correcting assignments in class)

• Three Ring Binder with dividers

• Loose leaf paper (college rule)

• Graph paper

  • Highlighters

• 4 - 6 - 8.5-9.0" x 11" Single Subject Spiral notebooks (you might want to purchase additional spiral notebooks while they are on sale, but keep them at home) - Please purchase the "larger format" style of notebook - we are using the notebook for the entire year and students will be gluing full pages into the notebook - so the bigger the page, the less cutting has to happen - here's a link to Amazon to show you an example of the notebook - http://a.co/aMgfQ51 (these notebooks can be purchased at Target, Walmart or any office supply place not just Amazon)

• Small, self-contained pencil sharpener

• 3 or 4 Dry erase markers & eraser

• 3 x 5 index cards (for Greek & Latin Roots & Algebra vocabulary)

Additional Classroom Supplies

• Kleenex, hand soap, disinfectant wipes

• Bags of candy/tubs of licorice

• Glue sticks / tape

• Colored pencils, markers, gel pens & crayons

  • Ear “buds” or headphones - to use with Chromebooks - inexpensive!

At Home

• Dictionary / Thesaurus - or access to the Internet to use online resources

• Colored pens, markers, gel pens, colored pencils, crayons

• Hole punch

• 2 fine tip Sharpie markers

  • Calculator
  • Stapler
  • Box / Folder / Container to store corrected work

Here's a picture of an example of the type of notebook we suggest using for our classes.

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