Welcome to the Dark House

What the books about.

This book is about 5 kids that are stuck in a house called the dark house. They were chosen by the makers of This movie and they get to stay there for the movie inside the house were it took place. The maker of the movie Justin Blake plans all of these events and when all of the characters get to this house they´re shocked with how well this place looks and the sign above of the door of this house. Well then one day these kids start disappearing and bad stuff happen to them. Ivy the main characters room mate came and she hasn't came back and that is just the beginning......

Something powerful

Something I found powerful was how amazed the kids felt of getting to be at this house and enjoying there stay. A kid name Garth pulls up to the house and is blown away by what the house looks like. So this is powerful because it shows how much they care about the house. The kid is so blown away of what they provide at the house and what the house looks like.