Aurora Borealis

The most beautiful thing in the sky

The Reason Why Their Is Aurora Borealis

The reason why is because when the sun strikes with charged particles hit the earth's atmosphere and the atoms inside which causes them to overcharge with energy and conduct light which makes aurora borealis

The Best Place To See The Northern Lights

Their is many good places to see the northern lights but I am only gonna tell you one which is Svalbard Norway and you can't get much higher than Svalbard and many people go their only to see the northern lights

Best Time Of Year To See Them

Many people say to go to them at September to October because it has many different colors because of the autumn climate

The Difference And Similarities Between Aurora Borealis And The Aurora Australis

Aurora Borealis and the Aurora Australis are different in many ways especially in color its actually reported to be different colored because the sun sends different charged particles that react differently to the atoms in the atmosphere

How do people forecast this?

Many people don't understand how people are capable of forecasting or just knowing when the aurora borealis is gonna start many people actually check for a more higher intense geomagnetic storm which is more likely to have aurora borealis actually happen.

What causes the different colors?

The reason why the aurora borealis has different colors is because the atmosphere's different because the atmosphere has many different chemicals and atoms which causes different lights with the charged particles from the sun