RM Weekly

Jan. 11, 2019

This Week at RM

Monday, Jan. 14

  • Planning mtg. for JS in 4B 9:15
  • Mtg. with PTA President 12:00p

Tuesday, Jan. 15

  • HS Jazz Band concert 9a. All grade levels are invited
  • KS Symbols 1st grade 9:30a
  • Greek and Roman Mythology 6th grade 10:00a
  • Staff Meeting 3:30-4:15p
  • PTA Mtg. 6:30

Wednesday, Jan. 16

  • Host in library Elem. principal meeting 8:40-11:15a
  • Sped Team Mtg. 11:15
  • IS in 1P Eval Mtg. 12:00
  • Re-Eval for DB 2:00p
  • SIT for LC in 3Ha for enhanced learning 2:30p

Thursday, Jan. 17

  • IEP for KB in 6th gr 9a
  • Classified Mtg. 2:15p
  • Trailridge 6th grade Parent Night 6p

Friday, Jan. 18

  • Club and Group Pics
  • BE enhanced IEP mtg. 8:30a
  • ZT enhanced IEP mtg. 9:15a

Thank You!

I want to thank everyone for a great 40th birthday. It was an incredibly fun day, with people wearing black, the choir singing, snacks outside my door, a dance off, cards, and gifts. I continued the celebration in the evening by taking my family to Dave and Busters and then BRGR.

I can't thank you enough for being a wonderful and caring group! Ray Marsh is truly a special place to work.

Evaluation Reminders

I will be starting formal evaluations for those on the 3 year eval cycle beginning this week. As a reminder, I will complete one formal and two informal. Please expect within the next three weeks for me to have completed both of your informal observations. Your formal evaluation date was sent in as a calendar invite earlier this school year.

Please also continue to upload artifacts that relate to your goals. You should have at least three artifacts that show work towards your goal over the course of the school year.

1st and 2nd year teachers, please make sure you've gone back into KEEP2 and have completed your self-assessment and goals. I will send out your formal evaluation date at the end of the month.