10 Rules for A Dystopian Society

By decree of the government all citizens must obey the following:

Rule #1: All citizens shall have no ruler above the Supreme Leader.

Rule#2: All citizens, for the greater good, must work in the capacity allotted by the Supreme Leader or his staff

Rule#3: All citizens must attend the rallies, musters, censuses, etc. as order by the Supreme Leader

Rule#4: All citizens must wear a uniform or other clothing that is approved by the Supreme Leader

Rule#5: No citizen shall avoid or otherwise evade the police, or other members of the Supreme Leader's staff

Rule#6: No citizen shall incite others to do harm to or interfere with the will of the Supreme Leader

Rule#7: No citizen shall possess weapons or other contraband without the written consent of the Supreme Leader

Rule#8: No citizen shall try to form any new government or party in place or addition to that of the Supreme Leader

Rule#9: Such expressions, as entailed below, are to be treated as treason, if not sanctioned by the Supreme Leader or his staff such expressions include:

  • Writing, to be distributed publicly
  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Sculpting
  • Printing, to distributed publicly
  • Recordings of any kind
  • Photography
  • Engineering of large objects
  • Broadcasting of any translatable signal, including radio
  • Performing any acts of symbolic manner
  • Performing acts hostile to government functions, as deemed by the Supreme Leader

Rule#10: Violation of any of the above rules shall mean punishment of the offending party to a degree as deemed appropriated by the Supreme Leader