Pollution is a serious issue!

Pollution is growing stronger and more harming everyday!

What is pollution?

Pollution is gases that come from factories (known as smog and soot) is destroying our environment. It can make people sick and affect a child's life by constant irritation and sickness. It can cause stress on hearts and lungs

Is pollution really that bad?

In China it's approximated that you can only see 10 meters in front of you. Sometimes the planes can't even take off due to not being able to see. What about the fact that a fire burned for 3 hours without anyone noticing until the building was almost completely gone.

What should you do?

Picking up trash and stopping people from polluting is one way to start help cleaning up the world that we live on. It's a movement called going green, it means to stop polluting and to make the world more "green" or more healthy.
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