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Media has become a major part of life with the way people today communicate with each other. The definition of media is the communication, as radio and television, newspapers, and magazines that reach or influence people widely. As I stated before media is now way a lot of information gets to the population .Many people do not realize how much affects their everyday life and the major role it plays. For example from the beginning of a digital age took over as soon as it started it grew at a rapidly. From there we see companies like Aol instant massager created for faster ways for people to communicate. Until now there is still communication sites being made such as twitter, Facebook, etc.

Now when it comes to Media Literature in my opinion is all about being knowledgeable about the internet. Just like we read in the article called the “Age of Distraction”. It points out that the we need to be able to use the internet properly to find what is needed. The definition of media literacy is the ability to access, analyze, evaluate and create media in a variety of forms. Also it is a new approach to education in the 21st century. It also builds understanding of the role of media in society and skills .To we media literature is needed more than ever they can function properly in a democratic society and not injury of how people express themselves.

Jaguar 2014 Big Game Commercial | British Villains 'Rendezvous' | Jaguar USA

Jaguar super bowl commercial

Jaguar in the commercial for luxury cars, which aired during the 2014 Super bowl, communicates to viewers that this car is more clever, precise and has attention to detail. Jaguar advertise/promotes luxury cars by depicting British males super villains from famous movies driving around in this car. Jaguar attempts to get viewers to be more interested in the brand of car so that more people will be willing to go out and purchase this car .This commercial uses a clever tone which connects with a male audience .

Satirical News

The City of Atlanta is Shut down

Courtney Brown ,Staff Reporter

Mon March 17,2014

Our Governor Nathan Deal decided that is was important that the state Georgia should form a unit called CBU (Car birth Unit) , after the recent ice storm . Governor Deal said to the The Atlanta daily post that " It is something that is well needed after massive ice storm in January ".

In recent news the city of Atlanta declared a state of emergency do to a massive snow and ice storm . This was the second storm to hit the state of Georgia in the last two weeks . First storm cripple the state as a hole and showed how unprepared the state was to handle conditions like these. With just less than a inch on the ground massive car pile ups and stagnate traffic filed the highways . Many people had to sleep in their cars or parked their cars and walked to the nearest place .

Many people are voting to remove Governor Deal form office due to is lack of leadership . Who knew just an inch of snow could cripple a whole state ,I guess not Mr Deal since he only called it a state of emergency only 6 hours after the storm had already started . To show how Governor doesn't think he sent the salt trucks out at the same time as rush out traffic . Many people say he is the major blame due to his poor judgement .

Kinetic Typography

In your society everything is beginning to be question, the normal standard of life is changing. New ideas of are being brought to the front of the media and citizens are starting to ask questions. The question that is always being asked is: “What is considered moral and immoral how far a situation can go before is considered wrong?” So many cases in the media today that has my concern are the shooting of Treyvon Martin and Jordan Davis. In my opinion both of these crimes are tragic for the families of the teen’s boys and say a lot to me about our justice system. Many people may say justice does not have a color or creed, but the facts beg to differ. Both of these teens were are killed based on my opinion on a stereotype formed by others and the media itself.

The Fall of the Berlin Wall

The Berlin wall was both the physical division between West Berlin and East Germany from 1961 to 1989 and the symbolic boundary between democracy and Communism during the Cold War. The Berlin Wall was erected in the dead of night and for 28 years kept East German from fleeing to the West, Its destruction, which was nearly as instantaneous as its creation, was celebrated around the world. The government has said the wall was never created or existed. The government claims due to World War 2 a lot of the citizen natural thought that it was a government way of protecting them from harm. Some say with a short period of time both East and West Germany became extremely different. People on both sides say’s that this wall separated families and only one side of the country was prosper under decent living conditions. Our government has made it very clear that this so called “wall” was never in existence and of this was just a false story that has seem to be fooling the fellow citizens . It is known said that it was all a part of the opposition mission. Our government is now going seeking to take action to solve and problem and put some of these awful rumors to rest. The government is say that is now saying that it is time for the people of this country to stand together to fight against our enemys .

Responce to 1984(Smore 6)

In my opinion the end was really disappointing ,and sad due the fact the eventually got Winston to finally to conform to the ways of the "Party". The book in itself was very interesting Orwells literary work is the type, that makes you really think about the world with is a slight bit of exaggeration . To a certain extent it is a appropriate cristicism of what could possiblely be modern goverment ,because even though it is not seen widely it is those suttle thing that could possible change our goverment . If i where to right the send of the book, I would have like if Winston could of stayed sane within his mind enough to make O'brien think he had changed . So that he could use O'Briens tatics against him so that he could start a revolt against the party. The most important thing to take from the book is conformity is way to stop individulism and that people are not always who they say they are.


Courtney Brown

Mr. Owen

Media Literacy

8 May ,2014


Throughout this semester the Media Literacy class had been very interesting, and in fact very informative. For the most part this course alone has taught me a lot of things in terms of how the media is use and how easily we are consumed by it. We discussed in our first smore assignment the basics of media and what it is actually used for? Media is used by way of communication whether it be by radio, newspaper, televisions or magazine that reach or influence people widely. We also discussed how the media sometimes targets a certain group of individuals just like the super bowl analysis. Along with that there was also a funny aspect to it when discussing satirical new, and how people get reality and imagination confused. This class was very different than most of the classes, I have taken in the last three years it gave me more to think about in terms of the world and life. Mostly this class talked about the positive and negative aspects of media and how it possibly affects us in the future. It also gave me a chance real have individual thought about all topics concerning the media. One of the books that we read in this class that really gave mind a workout was 1984 by Geroge Orwell, because although the book a lot of exaggeration it made really sit back and wonder. In my opinion I really liked the class because all of these topics interested me and gave me some new perspectives to think about going forward to college and into the world in general . This class was really great and I enjoyed it a lot ,but the only thing I was suggest is better way to get the whole class involved not get a couple of people.