Book By: Alyson Noel Presentation By: Taya Luepke


The theme of the story is that if you keep trying, you will eventually succeed. Riley shows this by getting up every time the Radiant Boys try to scare her off. This relates to our lives because we also give up if we can't get something right. Sometimes we just need to get up and try again.

Point of View

This story is in First Person point of view. This is shown by how the author uses words such as I, we, us, my, and me in narration to show Riley's thoughts and feelings. Also, the fact that we can only see Riley's thoughts and feelings tells the readers that the book is from this point of view.


The author builds the character of Riley through Riley's words mostly, but also through thoughts, and actions. She seems like she is all about appearance in the rising action of the story. She wants to make a good impression to her classmates in Here, but she can't decide. Later, she criticizes Bohdi's wardrobe choice before she gets summoned by the council. Also, she seems like she wants to be amazing like her older sister, because before she died, Riley followed her sister, and stole her clothes.

Figurative Language

The author uses very little, although very strong, figurative language throughout the book. She shows personification in the end while describing someone's scream. She also shows sensory language and imagery when Buttercup tires to wake Riley up. Buttercup licks Riley awake, which she can probably see, hear, feel, and smell.

My summary of the story from the beginning to the climax.

Dialogue Reading

I chose this section because it tells the reader how Riley gets her job in the afterlife. It also is the first part of the rising action.