Mrs. Romine's First Grade News

Acton Elementary School

Box Tops

We are collecting Box Tops this month as usual, but we are competing among the classes! If you have been saving your Box Tops at home, please send them to school now! Even if they are not on a sheet, send them in a zippy bag! I personally will tape them on there!!! c'mon!! (I wanna win!!) Ask Granny and PaPa to help collect too. The Box Top program is a great way to bring funds to our school!

Dojo Texts

I am loving the Dojo Texting feature! It is great way to communicate and keep in touch. Please know though, that I may not see a text from you until the end of the school day. If you have information that you need your child to know, please call the office. I don't have my phone with me at all times. My classroom has very poor cell service too and sometimes I get all my texts for the day as I leave the building on my way home. Our school number is 817) 408-4200. I will try to return texts promptly at the end of each school day.

First Spelling Test was a Success!

The kids did a great job on their first spelling tests Friday! I can tell they studied and practiced! Let's keep up the excitement and do it again this week. You will find a list with 10 new words to review in their red folder tonight. Our bonus word is "Halloween". I have a fun song planned to learn how to spell this word that I learned when I was a first grader!!! I can't wait to teach them! (I still sing it in my head when I spell Halloween!)

Hat Day

The Kindergarten Students are learning all about the letter "H" tomorrow. To help them celebrate, we are all going to wear HATS! Yay!! Hat Day on Tuesday!!! #hattersgonnahat