Humpback Whale



  • Grow to 60 feet long
  • Up to 48 tons
  • Live to 50 years
  • Swim with large fluke/tail fin
  • Are some of the most recognized whales
  • Huge flippers-almost one-third of body size
  • Hump on their back is also recognizable, thus the name
  • Gray or black color & have white markings on their back
  • Markings are unique, differ in each whale=whales can be identified


Surfer Almost Swallowed by Whale

Save the Humpback Whale!

Food Chain

  • Are baleen whales, meaning they filter fish
  • Two rows of baleen plates on their jaws filter water for food
  • Diet is mainly small fish and krill


  • Sometimes use bubble netting, a type of fishing. The whales blow bubbles around a school of fish, and they eat the fish, which move closer and closer together, making for an easy catch.


Habitat of the humpback

  • Live in oceans across the globe
  • Everywhere except for the north polar ocean
  • Usually found in shallow water near the coastline
  • Can travel in pods of more than 20,000 whales



  • Well adapted for ocean going
  • Streamlined bodies
  • Long pectoral fins
  • Fifteen-foot wide tail fin
  • Torpedo-shaped bodies,large size=keep body heat
  • Flexing jaws help them get the most food
  • When diving for 10-15 minutes, metabolism decreases so they consume less oxygen.


Reasons for Endangerment/Critical Facts

  • Humpback whales face a number of survival challenges.
  • Can be struck by ships
  • Get entangled in fishing gear (during migration)
  • Whale-watching vessels may stress/strike whales
  • Use of marine areas displace whales that would be there
  • Humpback whales are now increasing in abundance
  • North pacific population went from 1,400 whales (1966) to 20,000 (2010)
  • Several things are being done to help it
  • By-catch (entanglement in nets) is being reduced
  • Whale watch vessels are being educated on safety
  • Marine animal take reductions
  • Research whale abundance and population trends


So help save the Humpback Whale and become part of the solution today!