The Case of the Stolen Cheeses!

Reported by Ashley Lovo

Crime Scene, April 13, 2014

I'm at the scene of the crime, The Muffin Man's Factory. The authorities found a confused and dazed Muffin Man, a hungry Big Bad Wolf, Three poor Blind Mice, and one missing magical Cheese. The Muffin Man was taken to the hospital where doctors tell me The Muffin Man suffered a mild concussion. Back at the crime scene detective Pinocchio allowed me to enter the factory, due to forgetting my camera I had to sketch out the whole crime scene in my notebook. I've just been informed that The Three Blind Mice have just press charges on The Big Bad Wolf. The Big Bad Wolf is being charged with thief of magical item a attempt murder.

Investigation April 15, 2014

The Muffin Man was released from the hospital today. The Three Blind Mice have continued with the charges and there will hearing today that I will be attending.

At the hearing judge Humpty Dumpty had to assign a public defender for The Big Bad Wolf, so now The Big Bad Wolf's lawyers are Hansel and Gretel. The Three Blind Mice on the other hand have a top notch lawyer known as Puss in Boots. The case was accepted and the will be a petit jury on April 20, 2014. Till further notice The Big Bad Wolf will be under house arrest. The Big Bad Wolf will also be sent a subpoena on the day before the court date.

Court Day, April 20, 2014

Now sitting in the crowd I watch as the defendant (The Big Bad Wolf) and the prosecutor (The Three Blind Mice) walk in with each of their lawyers. It starts up with The Three Blind Mice telling their part of the story.

The story is told by Quinn, The Three Blind Mice had gone to The Muffin Man's factory to pay him a visit and return some bowls they had borrowed from him. But upon their arrival they realized the door had been forced open, once inside they The Muffin Man is injured and The Big Bad Wolf is wrapping something up and placing it in a bag. The Big Bad Wolf then leaves, Cece the oldest tries to awaken The Muffin Man, Piper the middle sister calls the ambulance, and herself the youngest goes to the closest neighbors for help. The Big Bad Wolf soon returns with the police to arrest The Three Blind Mice, the girls then explain to the that The Big Bad Wolf was trying to frame them. The police believe The Three Blind Mice and arrest The Big Bad Wolf.

By now Quinn is in tears explains that she was really scared and happy the police took their side. Now it's The Big Bad Wolf's turn.

The Big Bad Wolf states he was having a mid-night run when he heard someone scream coming from The Muffin Man's factory. The Big Bad Wolf headed over to the factory and to his surprise the door was unlock, he stepped it to find The Muffin Man knocked out on the floor and The Three Blind Mice trying to unlock a safe. When they notice he was there they attacked him, lucky The Big Bad Wolf was faster then they were and was able to run out of there unharmed. The closest house was Little Red Riding Hood's, so once there he told her all he had seen. Little Red Riding Hood then called the police, but soon after she had called the police one of The Three Blind Mice sisters, Quinn, comes and tell Little Red Riding Hood about how The Big Bad Wolf had hurt The Muffin Man. Soon Quinn leaves and The Big Bad Wolf decides to take the police to the factory to show them the evidence. But once there the cops turn and take The Three Blind Mice's side.

Humpty Dumpty asks who has witness, and both sides raise their hands. The first witnesses are the police officers (The Three Little Pigs). Each little pig comes to he stand and tell how they all got a call from Wolf at Little Red Riding Hood's house claiming that there was a break in at the factory, but Wolf never told them that the so call burglars were The Three Blind Mice. So naturally they didn't believe that three blind little girls had robbed The Muffin Man.

Now for the next witness, Little Red Riding Hood. She took the stand and told the jury and judge how she had heard a scream and then moments later The Big Bad Wolf came over to telling her how The Three Blind Mice had broke into The Muffin Man's factory and had tried to attack him. Little Red Riding Hood completely trusts The Big Bad Wolf's word over The Three Blind Mice.

Puss in Boots calls The Big Bad Wolf to the stand, Puss asked The Big Bad Wolf of his previous charges, Puss informs the courtroom of Wolf's multiple charges in the past, starting with Little Red Riding Hood. Puss is now done questioning Wolf. Hansel and Gretel asked Quinn to take the stand, first Hansel asked Quinn if she had heard any screams that night, Quinn response with a no. Gretel then asks where did the containers that Quinn had said she and her sisters were bringing to The Muffin Man had gone? Quinn then replies while stuttering that she doesn't remember saying anything about containers. Next to the stand is Cece, Hansel asks why the sisters had decided to pay The Muffin Man a visit at around 11:30pm. Cece refuses to answer, Hansel and Gretel are then done with questioning.

Detective Pinocchio then presented the court room some new evidence, Pinocchio tell the courtroom that there are some claw marks on The Muffin Man's desk, but as we can see clearly the claw marks are much too big to match up to The Big Bad Wolf's claws. That and there is one claw mark going backwards, so clearly the claw marks were carved in. The next evidence is the fact that only Little Red Riding Hood and The Big Bad Wolf have someone screaming in their story, while The Three Blind Mice don't. Now I think we should hear from The Muffin Man himself.

Next to the stand is The Muffin Man, he begins by explaining to the courtroom that he was finishing some orders when he heard a noise come from the entrance. When he went to see what was going on he notice the door had been forced opened, and then out of the blue someone from behind hits him. He falls to the floor and gets a glimpse of a small figure scratching something on the side of his desk with a tool, then he becomes unconscious.

After hearing all the evidence Humpty Dumpty tells the courtroom that he will take 3 days to figure things out better and then will have his reply till then both parties are under house arrest. And there will be a arraignment for the next court date.

It is now April 22, and The Three Blind Mice's lawyer have offered The Big Bad Wolf to plea bargain and they will drop one if the charges. The Big Bad Wolf refused

April 23, 2014

Today there will be a decision made, who is guilty. I'm back in the courtroom ready to wrap up this story. The judge approaches and asks the jury if they have come to a verdict. The jury finds The Big Bad Wolf.... Not guilty. The judge then adds that The Muffin Man had possession of a magical item that can grant a wish whenever you take a bite of it. This is punishable by 15-20 days in prison with a bail of $750, but The Muffin Man has been acquitted. The Three Blind Mice are convicted with a felony of perjury and misdemeanor of stealing a wish granting item and assault, The Three Blind Mice will be sentenced 23 years with no bail. The Three Blind Mice appealed for a grand jury.

That's all for now, but I'll keep you posted on this nail biting story.