Science Fair Project

How does light effect plants


I think the plant with sun light will grow the most. The one with no light will not grow. The one with a lamp light will grow, but not fully.

Background Knowledge/Procedure

I know that plants can't grow with out light. A plant has to have water, light, and has to be able to go threw photosynthesis. I will use green beans because they grow fast and are easier to manage.
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The plant in the sun light has grown a lot and will provide food and it had 15 beans on it!

The plant under the lamp didn't grow that much and had 3 beans on it.

The plant with no light didn't get out of its seeds and will not provide food.


My hypothesis was right! The one in the sun grew the most. The one under the lamp grew, but not fully. And the one with no light didn't grow at all.