Poverty In Toronto

$100 Million could be spent to fix poverty in Toronto

Poverty In Toronto

Poverty is a big problem in Toronto there's to many people on the streets for multiple reasons but some reasons are struggling to pay bills, cant find a job,sick, raising kids with minimum wage job, and some times all that's but some times there life just and a bump in the road and just went downhill from there. but everyone needs a second chance that's why we need to fix poverty government is looking for ways to use funds to help poverty.
2016 there planing to use money to fix the poverty problem in Toronto according to The article "Almost $40 million from Ottawa and Queen’s Park is earmarked in 2016 for affordable housing initiatives, says Wallace’s report that accompanies the strategy.

The city’s 10-year capital budget includes another $10 million in energy retrofits for older apartment buildings, social infrastructure in high-needs neighborhoods and renovation of an under-used public housing building to accommodate women and children, the report adds.

The remaining $50 million would come from McConnell’s “hope and expectation” that the city doubles its 2015 spending on poverty reduction"(Monsebraaten Pg 1).

Some funding plans are in progress

There looking at budgets to figure out where they can get the money to put towards helping poverty there planing to find funding to keep libraries open on Sundays hoping it will help young adults to find employment and learn so they can get the job they want and so that will stay off the streets.

Poverty Percentages

"46: Percentage of recent immigrants

37: Percentage of single mothers

33: Percentage of racial minorities

30: Percentage of people with disabilities

29: Percentage of children"

(Monsebraaten Pg 1)

"The report says almost 30 per cent of children in Toronto are now from low-income families, a situation that leaves them less likely to graduate from high school and more likely to be sick." (CBC pages 1).