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February 2, 2016

Technology Minute

Watch this week’s instructional technology minute highlighting eduCanon.

Link from Technology Minute Video Portal

eduCanon is an online learning environment to create and share interactive video lessons. Teachers begin with any YouTube, Vimeo, or TeacherTube video content (screencasts, Khan Academy, Minute Physics, TED, NOVA, etc.) and transform content into an active experience for students. In eduCanon, as a video progresses the teacher can segment the video into different components to check for understanding and increase student engagement.


Office 365 single sign on, makes it effortless to add students to classes!

Book Me!

Want to learn how to use class notebooks in 365? Need to add a tech lesson? Want me to show your PLC a new program to enhance instruction (Nearpod, Kahoot, Mix)? Book me using the link below! I'm available in 30 minute slots or book me to help co-teach a lesson all day. I would LOVE to help you!

Resources to check out...

30 Minute Help Sessions-lab 115

Although this isn't "for inservice credit," I will be available on Feb. 3, 4, 10, and 11 to help with all things tech (webpage, entering data into Inspire, etc). Please click the button above if you plan on attending. 7:30-8:00 lab 115

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NearPod Vocabulary Lessons

These short lessons help students acquire and use new words through engaging, thought provoking exercises specifically designed to get your students ready for the SAT.

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