Celebrities of the Middle Ages...

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Joan of Arc...

Joan of arc (1412?-1431) -Born: France, Near Nancy -nickname: Jeanne D’arc -Joan was known as he “Maid of Orleans”. She was a simple, bold, brave, noble, and feisty woman. Joan became a catholic saint and a symbol of French patriotism. When she was 165, she led the French soldiers to victory over the English at the Battle of Orleans. During the war that lasted 100 years, she helped Charles VII become King of France. At the age of 19 she died because she was burned tortured and then burned at the stake. -Quote:…act, and God will act…._Joan of arc_-Fun Facts: in modern times some doctors would've diagnosed Joan of arc with disorders ranging from epilepsy to schizophrenia ·While commander of the French army Joan didn't participate in combat ·Joan of arc had a bad temper ·She inspired the bob haircut-originated in Paris in 1909. -She believed God spoke through her through certain visions.She important because she fought against the English during the English occupation and also helped get the City of Orleans back into the French hands. One of her best accomplishments was when she saved her country from being taken over by the English.

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William the Bastard >.<

William I, the conqueror (1027-1087) -Born: Normandy region of northwestern France, Nickname: William the Bastard, -At the age of 8, William became the Duke of Normandy. He never spoke English and was illiterate, but he had a big influence on the evolution of the English language. He ruled in England from 1066 to 1087. William created a survey in England to help the King set up a tax system. These records are known as the Doomsday book. He crossed the English Channel with his Norman Knights and defeated Harold during the Battle of Hastings. Fun Facts: -He changed his name to William the conqueror after he conquered England. -His father was King Henry II and he hated him and his second wife Eleanor of Aquitaine so he tried to kill them, - Quote:...Unlimited power is apt to corrupt the minds of those who possess it; and this I know, my lords, that where laws end, tyranny begins…! His best accomplishment was the Doomsday Book.
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KIng John

King of England (1199—-1216),son of Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine, Nickname:John Lackland; he had lost a lot of land. John was his father's favorite.After his brother died he became king but, his brother didn't leave him enough money to rule the country. This effected him because when their was war he didn't have enough money to pay for supplies so his men almost always lost.The was a huge force against the king, and John set his seal on the Magna Carta at Runnymede in June, 1215. This is the most famous document of English constitutional history. John, was cruel and treacherous but he was an good king. Things became much worse, when the Pope Innocent occurred.The argued over who should be archbishop of Canterbury. The King disagreed with the pope. Then the Pope punished the kingdom, by forbidding all church services in all churches. John was not affected by this, but his people were; but when he found that the King of France wanted to come to attack him, he tried to make peace with the Pope. The Pope made himself to be lord of England, and made the king and people pay him money whenever he wanted it. He died a miserable man, with half his people fighting against him.

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