That's a Wrap

Weekly Wrap-up

Teamwork Works!

This week during our morning meet and greet we delved into the topics of team work and collaboration. To successfully pull off Passport Night we spent some time discussing what it looks like to work well together. We talked about asking permission to offer help, slowing down to hear what our team members had to say, and respecting responses so we can function as a unit. With some gentle reminders, the kids caught onto the concept and began to see the positive effect true collaboration has on all members.

In preparation for Passport Night students worked in pairs sharing what they learned on our unit in Japan. Passport Night was so spectacular and busy that many didn't get the chance to walk their parents through the entire room. The evening's excitement spilled over into Friday as we gathered with our big brothers and sisters in 5th grade. We took them through our "Portal to Japan" and students presented what they learned using each bulletin board as their display. Then we boarded the plane and went to 5th grade and received a personal tour of the U.S.A.

In our Friday morning discussion we reflected on Passport Night. Students summarized their responses in their journals outlining one thing that went well and one item that needed improvement. It was fun to hear their perspectives. A few commented on their performance. They said they timed in perfectly for their singing and they formed a good sized circle for their dance. They felt accomplished in this respect. Some of the students mentioned that there was a good balance of food but they would have loved more of it. In fact we all noticed how well the food was received after the performance. I think we had some hungry performers as well as audience members! Thank you for all your wonderful food contributions to our event!

The entire evening was inspirational and the level of commitment students, teachers, support staff, and parents had for the event was palpable. Passport Night is truly a school wide collaborative event driven by a commitment to excellence. I felt lucky and proud to be part of the festivities.

I will continue to draw upon our positive experience and weave its learned lessons into our final weeks of school.


Mrs. Mary Oreskovic