Dimensional Analysis of 3D Figures


We will analyze the effects of changing the dimensions of 3D figures.

Closing Product

I will be able to formulate the surface area and volume of 3D figures with a scale factor.


Watch the video tutorial on dimensional change (Click Here).

Dimensional Change Notes

Dimensional Change:

Prisms and Pyramid

When changing one dimension (ex: change the height), Volume is multiplied by the scale factor.

When changing two dimensions (ex: change the height and side length), volume is multiplied by the two scale factors.

When changing three dimensions (ex: change the height, side length, and apothem), volume is multiplied by the three scale factors.

Cylinder, Cone, Sphere

When changing radius, volume is multiplied by scale factor squared.

When changing height, volume is multiplied by scale factor.

When changing radius and height, volume is multiplied by the radius’ scale factor squared and the height’s scale factor.

Surface Area changes differently depending on what dimension of the shape you change. Simply recalculate the surface area.

Digital Poster Project

To finish off the Cake Project, you are going to create a digital poster with your group.

To create the these posters we are going to use a website called Padlet. Your poster needs to include:

  • The 2 questions, their answers, and formulas used. (These questions will be provided by the teacher)
  • Diagrams and Sketches of cake.
  • A written summary to introduce your cake.