Team Charm Couture Newsletter

September 2015

Hi there KEEPer!!!

You are receiving this newsletter because you have either just joined KEEP or you have been apart of the team for a while but we haven't had a chance to properly connect. Either way, I am so excited you are here!! Our team has just pushed past the 1,100 designer mark!!! We have exploded in the last few months and have had several LEADERS and TEAMS emerge within the Charm Couture team! We now have a Senior Director, 4 Directors, 10 Associate Directors, 14 Stars and so many more power sellers, go getters and cheerleaders! What better time to reach out and say hi then now??! I want to not only introduce myself but introduce to you all the AMAZING leaders of this team!

Senior Director:

Michelle McFadden - Designing Divas

Amber McCullough - Key Keepers
Heidi Owens - Charming KEEPers

Joni Garcia - Charm Couture

Samantha Carter - KEEP Chic

Associate Director:
Jenn Lang, Jennifer Wright, Kelly Falkena, Laura Alicea, April Pettus, Ann Heffelfinger, Leigh Reid, Melissa Crouse, Shannon Crouse, Natalie Dolan, Shannon Digiovanni, Nicole Vidal, Ronna Lundberg, Ashley Shevlin

Erin Byers, Rachel Robinson, Mishell Rodriguez, Ashley Paciotti, Jennifer Sulzbach, Diana Bullard, Kristin Cronin, Jennifer Williams, Kimber Budowsky, Jenni Ball, Ashley Young, Christy Grable, Joslyn Torres, Amanda Vahey, Kelli Rulh, Kristy Mach

Are you scratching your head and wondering where you come in? To find out who your direct upline mentor/leadership team is, simply click on the link in you business dash that says My Leadership Team in the top right corner. There you will find your closest upline Mentor, Star and Director along with their phone number and email.

When you have a question go to your mentor first but know that you also have the option of reaching out to your nearest Star and Director.

Everyone receiving this newsletter is WELCOME to join the team Charm Couture Facebook page at Think of it as another layer of support being offered on top of what your AWESOME leadership team is already doing.

The sky is the limit for this team and I just can't wait to see what the future has in store for each one of you!


Joni Garcia


Associate Directors - Promoted in July & August


Amanda Vahey, Christy Grable, Kristin Cronin, Ashley Young, Kelli Rulh, Jenni Ball, Ashley Paciotti and Kristy Mach
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NEW - Team Charm Couture Training Series!

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