Innovation Week!


I know many of you are disappointed not to have time to work on your project today! I started a Today's Meet (link directly below!) so that you can tell me about where you are at with your projects and work with your team on what your plan is from here. We won't have much work time tomorrow so we will have to get creative! Have a great snow day and don't forget to be innovative!

For the start of Innovation Week, you will begin by researching what Hanukkah is...

Here are some questions we are asking...

What countries and people celebrate Hanukkah?

When is this holiday throughout the year?

What does this holiday mean?

What food do they eat during Hanukkah?

What traditions and customs are common during Hanukkah?

Is there special music or dances they listen to and do during Hanukkah?

Are there any crafts that are made or displayed during Hanukkah?

Find out a few quick facts about Hanukkah


Other Resources for Research...