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Satchel Ford Elementary March/April 2016

Spring Break Reminders!

Please remind students to return their library books or be sure to keep them safe over break!

Be sure to turn off all computers, document cameras, and projectors over break.

Remember to keep your iPad safe while you are away. Please do not leave it in the car or outside!!

Visual Literacy Festival

It's time for the LAST VLF competition: the Book Production Contest! If you have not participated in a VLF this year this would be a good one to end the year with. You can find the Book Production Guidelines and Application on the Instructional Technology Services department page, (go to the ITS page, click on the Visual Literacy Festival icon>scroll down to Resources>Book Production) and attached. You can see the 1st place winners from past years to get your creative juices flowing. The deadline is 5:00 PM March 23, 2016 at Waverley ITS! Here are some suggestions from Diana Carr at ITS.


· Collection of poetry

· Biographies

· ABC books

· Graphic novels

· Poetry

· Number books

· Journals

· Instructional books

· Math books

· Nonfiction books that are based on research

· Original works

· Plays

· Picture books: illustrations/photos

· Nutrition

· Animal facts

· Poems

· Geometric shapes

Important Dates to Remember!

April 26-28: SC Ready Testing Gr. 3-5

May 11-12: SC PASS Testing Gr. 4-5

May 13: All student library books are due!

Contact Julia to schedule any Skype, Videoconferencing, or FaceTime activities!

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