World of Africa

By Trevor Arteaga

Strong Points

1. Informed only of Africa's little success and poverty by the media and by small class discussions, we forget that in Africa's early history, they had some of the wealthiest and most successful empires in the world.

2. Only knowing that in US history many Africans were captured and sold as slaves, we don't know or have been taught that not all Africans were sold to slavery by Europeans in Africa, but African Tribes and empires would sell their own people for slavery to other countries.

3. The geographical elements of Africa played a major role in its history and the history of other countries outside of Africa. For one, the Sahara desert prevented trade, the spread of religion, and the spread of widely used languages because the Sahara desert is not only one of the largest deserts in the world, it's very dangerous to cross and nearly impossible to survive alone.

4. Because Africa was not able to grow because of its geography and lack of technological expansion, it has been ignored by many popular and technologically advanced countries. Because of the lack of growth most of Africa does not get the food and water that people need to live, or any other necessities for that matter. Some people don't even have clothes, and because of the desperate need for water, people drinking from dirty rivers catch terrible diseases that cannot be cured without medical help.

5. Africa was an important part of a trade network along the Indian Ocean, which enriched many merchants and cities along the East Coast of Africa. Overtime a mixed African- Arabian culture known as Swahili emerged throughout the coastal area. This is why Northern and Coastal Africa is more advanced then inner Africa. Gradually the. Muslim religion and Arabic architectural styles became part of a society still largely African.