Find Joy in The Ordinary

Megan Winters

thematic paragraph

In The Joy Luck Club, Amy Tan presents the idea that identity makes and builds us into stable human beings and how finding ones own personal identity is essential for character development. Lindo Jong demonstrates the power that ones identity holds, for when she finds her own identity she develops this overwhelming courage and inner voice which allows her to escape a loveless marriage. Lindo was unafraid and strong because she "could see what was inside (her)self" (Tan 59). Once someone can see themselves for who they really are, there is only room for improvement and even the impossible can be achieved. Someones personality is deeply driven by their sense of identity and there is a central importance placed on ones sense of individual self.

smore Joy in the Club

Regardless of what one has been through, there is always room for joy and happiness. Take a moment everyday and find joy in the ordinary :)