American Revolutionary War

Signs and symbols

Signs and Symbols

Some of the signs that started the war were the acts that Britain gave to America. First came the Sugar Act, in 1764, about 10 years before the war actually started. Then came the Stamp Act, 1 year later. After that, Britain released the Intolerable Acts: Quartering, Declaratory, Townshend, and Tea acts. Now, it wasn't the acts that made Patriots rebel, it was "taxation without representation." That caused Americans to have the Boston Tea Party, dumping over 92,000 pounds into the Boston harbor. Paine then got the Patriots fired up by writing Common Sense in 1776, leading to war. "Taxation without representation" affected Britain and America's relationship by causing Patriots to rebel. Britain could have agreed on representing America in their Parliament, and America would have probably given Britain some money for war debt.

Fun Facts

  • The acts could be considered some of the first signs of the war
  • No official evidence has been found to confirm that Betsy Ross was responsible for creating/designing the very first flag, but she did sew the first flag.
  • The first shots were fired on April 19, 1775
  • George Washington rarely had even 15,000 men under his command at a time
  • Washington also didn't receive pay for his military service
  • The battle tactics America used were generally defensive
  • Hessian soldiers made up around a third of Britain's troops
  • The Declaration of Independence wasn't signed until August 2, 1776