Jaguar's Rendezvous

Jaguar, in their 2014 superbowl commercial, ‘’Rendezvous’’, aims to sell their car by relating people who drive their cars with big Hollywood villains, like Sir Ben Kingsley from Iron Man 3,Tom Hiddleston from Thor and The Avengers and Mark Strong from Kingsmen: The Secret Service , all notable triple A British Villain Actors.

Jaguar, claims that people who drive their cars are like British Villains, claiming like they are more focused, more précises, one step ahead, they have a certain style and an eye for detail. Lastly they are obsessed by power, and drive Jaguars.

Jaguar uses transfer as both emotional appeal and bandwagon advertising techniques. Their purpose is to persuade people to buy their cars because it will make them feel more like a villain which is more mainstream at the moment, instead of the generic good guy.

Jaguar uses a clam yet intense atmosphere to support the confident tone of the narrators to appeal to more luxuries consumers that feel superior and fancier compared to other people.