Continuous Incremental Improvement


The Power of Feedback by John Hattie and Helen Timperley- John Hattie has written more information about the value of feedback than anyone has the time to read. That being said, I came across an a Review of Educational Research last week that helped to explain what it is I need to do in order to give specific feedback that closes the gap between my current understanding and my desired understanding. It is about 33 pages long and full of research gibberish, but it is well worth the read. (no kidding... I am not a reader, so that is a testimony!) I am attaching the review to this site for your enjoyment.

Basically, feedback should help close the gap between what I know and what I need to know. That part I think we all understand very well. The missing pieces are goal setting and effective feedback. Feedback should feed up, feed back and feed forward. Effective feedback answers three questions; Where am I going?-goal setting (Feed up), How am I going? (Feed back), Where to next? (Feed Forward).

Where Am I Going? Goal setting is the key. Students are more committed to the goal when they have a shared commitment to attaining them and are more likely to seek feedback towards them.

How Am I Going? contains information about the progress towards the goal or how to proceed towards the goal.

Where To Next? This the feed forward piece of Feedback. Where to Next? allows the student to know exactly what they need to do next to attain their goal. Whether that is "providing more challenges, self-regulation over the learning process, greater fluency and automaticity, more strategies to work on the tasks, deeper understanding and more information about what is and what is not understood."

There is a lot more information in the pdf that I will attach to the email. I hope you at least skim it and find some new learning about feedback.

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Shout Outs!!

Shout outs to first grade from Jessica:

*Thank you to my amazing team for all that you do! I love working with you girls!!

Kinder all attended the math PLC together.

Many, many thanks to Kindergarten and 1st grade teachers for always going with the flow. And thanks to 2nd grade for allowing me to use your iPads – we learned a new app and the kids had a blast! --Erika

Shout Outs to Cindy Wisdom and Jodi DeBerry from Jennie Kibble-- Thank you for helping me this morning. We were confused about having a scan sheet for this assessment. I had morning duty so it was too late for me to install Penny’s printer. I appreciate that you all took time to make the schedule run smoothly for my students. You are the best!

Kim Darden – first individual

and the Third and Fourth Grade Teams for getting their audits in. Jodi DeBerry

Shout out to Ms. Wojno, Mrs. Palmieri, Mrs. Mauk, Mrs. Huddleston, Mrs. Bingham and Ms. O for taking our 5th graders on an amazing adventure to the OLC. Thank You for making great memories! Sharon Schmitz

Shout out to Jodi, Cindy and Donna Mills for always being on top of things and helping me stay sane. I know there’s nothing that goes on within the school or needs taking care of that these three ladies won’t know about or know a way to handle. They are invaluable! Gailanne Smith

To Ms. Wojno for planning and coordinating an amazing trip to the OLC. She put in a ton of effort to keep us organized and prepared. We all had a blast! Beverly Huddleston

Shout out to Laura Janese – for always being there! Kim Osowsky

Thank you Toni for sharing your awesome award tracking checklist!! I love it and am thankful for your sweet smile!!! Laura Janese