Just Say No Campaign

Nancy Reagan Promotes Anti-Drug Use

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First Lady Nancy Reagan was the founder of this campaign. She became interested in the issues of substance abuse when she found out many of the teenagers around her were using drugs regularly. When some of these abuse issues lead to suicide, she knew she had to do something bigger.


Nancy Reagan founded the "Just Say No" campaign in the early 1980's. She started this campaign encouraging young adults to say no to drugs. Reagan made children aware of the harmful affects of drugs. She went around to the world and gave various way that the use of drugs could be avoided.


The "Just Say No" campaign took off the in 1980's to the 1990's and is still in schools today. On October 27, 1986, the President signed the "National Crusade for a Drug Free America," turning the bill into a law.


Nancy promoted this all over the world. She visited 33 states, 66 cities, and 8 different countries in order to promote saying no to drugs.


Nancy Reagan was a firm supporter of the discontinuing of drugs. She had personal experience with the negative effects drugs could have, and wanted to stop it. During her campaign, cocaine use by high school students dropped by one-third.
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This event is important to our society today. Nancy started the first anti-drug movement and it is still alive today. Schools still have the "Say No to Drugs" week and promote the significance of it to children. It was also significant because of the dramatic drop in drug use during this time period. The percentage dropped to 4.3% of people using drugs at the time. That was the lowest number in over a decade.