Willmer's Career

Police Officer

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Personality means the way I am the color the represent me is orange is a Career that allow me independece and freedom I learned by going and experiencing rather than by listening and reading.

We are Impactful don't like to do the same things everyday. At work I'm bored and restless with jobs that are same routine everyday. I want to have a career the allow's me freedom and independence work.

I learned by doing experiencing rather than by listening and reading.

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Willmer's Career Choices

The Career I Choices was Criminal Justice / Safety because I want to be a Police Officer.

To be a Police Officer will it allow me freedom and I won't have to do the same routine everyday.

The salary of a police Officer is 56,980 per year and per hour is $27. I don't like to read or listen to other people or to do the same routine in a job because I will get really bored and a Police Officer was freedom and different routines they won't to the same things everyday.

Annual Costs
Tuition and fees: $1,170.00
Total Cost In-District Off-Campus: $13,842
Total Cost In-State Off-Campus: $14,832
Total Cost Out-State Off-Campus: $16,122
Total Cost In-District With-Family: $6,688
Total Cost In-State With-Family: $7,678
Total Cost Out-State With-Family: $8,968

Willmer's Education

The education a Police Officer need's a criminal justice / safety degree . To have a criminal justice / Safety degree it takes 2 years plus 800 hours of training. One of the college where u can get a Criminal Justice / Safety degree is Eastfiled College.

Eastfield College tuition is $14,832.

Eastfield is a public college it was funded in 1970 and is a 2 years college with 10,501 undergraduate. The moscot of Eastfield is a Harvester and the location is in Mesquite, TX

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Eastfield tuition In-State 14,832 cost Out-State $16,122. The reason I pick a Criminal Justice / Safety degree is because the salary is really good and they need more bilingual people the can speak Spanish and English.

Police Officer salary is 56,980. Annual Salary needed per year $49,529. Monthly Expenses is $3,302. Annually Expenses is $39,623 and saving per week $206. Taxes 10% of annual expenses $9,906.

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