Week 8 Reminders

and Celebrations - Term 3 2021

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From the Principal

Dear Families,

All the best for a relaxing weekend break and may our wonderful dads all enjoy a really happy Sunday! Many thanks to the small group of P&F Mums who came along to make up the gift bags for our dads, which are coming home with the children this afternoon.

Family Brekky

Thank you all so very much for coming along to our brekky this morning! It was really wonderful to see you all and to especially see the happy faces of all our kids. We really are very fortunate to be able to gather in this way - let's hope that this wonderful freedom continues so other planned whole school events can also take place in coming months!

School Climate Survey

Below you will find a LETTER TO PARENTS explaining all about the School Climate Survey which opens next week. As you will read, all St Emilie's families are invited to complete a short survey that will give us important feedback in regard to various aspects of school life. A code and username will be emailed to all families on Monday so please look out for it. We would really appreciate as many families as possible completing this please.

P&F Meeting and School Advisory Council

These meetings are being held next Wednesday 8th September at 8.45am and 6.00pm respectively.

St John Ambulance Incursions

K-6 children will participate in developmentally appropriate First Aid workshops next week run by St John Ambulance. This is a really great opportunity and is offered every two years in our school.

House Field Day Years 4-6

The House Field Day is being held next Friday 10th September - the program can be found below. Families are very welcome to come along and keep crossing those fingers and toes for good weather!

Save the Date

Please also save the date for:

K-6 Open Night (onsite this year) on Wednesday 15th September - 4.00pm-600pm.

St Emilie's Athletics Carnival - to be held onsite -Friday 17th September - program and more information to follow.

All the very best everyone!

Kindest regards

Tania Thuijs


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To all those who thanked a staff member or a P&F member for their efforts today - THANK YOU! It is great role modelling and really makes everyone feel that little more motivated to do it all again next year :)
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How wonderful to see some former St Emilie's students at our brekky this morning! They rated our burgers 9/10 ... yep - they were always good kids :)


Hey, St Emilie’s Families,

hip hip and a big hooray!

You got your CLAN together -

and you MADE it here today!

No doubt, there was a bit of a flurry

As you headed out the door -

No doubt, you were quietly questioning -

‘What in the HECK are we DOING this for?’

Ok, we’re all brekky lovers

And BURGERS are really YUM -

But RALLYING the family troupes so early?

We agree, it can APPEAR a little dumb!

But FEAR NOT, dear St Emilie’s families

For I’m going to remind you WHY -

Coming together as a COMMUNITY

Is SO SPECIAL as the years fly by...

With COVID snapping at our heels

This opportunity is a RARE moment in time

To give our kids a HAPPY memory

As I share this simple rhyme.

You’ve queued so PATIENTLY for your brekky

That’s been made with TONNES of St Emilie’s love!

A bun, bacon and egg burger

It’s been sent, from HEAVEN above! :)

THANK YOU for your presence

and THANK YOU for your good CHEER

Thank you for your efforts -

To chat, to laugh and to hear…

That our school is a place of LEARNING

But it’s also a place of FUN -


And yumminess can be found in a bun! :)

Thank you Mr Munro,

for the planning of this event

Thank you Mr Cogger

For putting up the tents.

Thank you amazing Rachel Davies

Larissa and ALL the P&F team

Your tireless GENEROSITY

Is quite simply, every Principal’s dream!

Thank you St Emilie’s staff -

For being an incredible crew


In everything you do.

This rhyming poem you’ll be pleased to hear

Is about to come to an end -

For rhyming poems have a particular way


Very soon the Kindy staff

Will zip off and open their gate

To Mums and Dads of Kindy kids

So have fun, as you celebrate!

And in the hall the talented Year Ones

Have an assembly ready to go -

Just head on over by 8.45

If you don’t want to miss the show!

Happy Father's Day to all our dads

may you be spoilt rotten on your special day

As you gather with your family

I know I speak for everyone when I say...

That your presence and your guidance

Your love, your time, your care

Really make a difference

To those whose lives you share.

So keep the dad jokes to a minimum

And keep your wives happy on the day

And don't forget to take your kids outside

for any boisterous play!

A Father's Day Brekky will return next year

on that, you can all depend

But now it’s time to say our farewells

For this poem has come to an end!

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Ah, you have to laugh! Well done dads - you absolutely rocked the photo booth! :)
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Parent Article - In Praise of Fathers

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Thinking of all our Year Four's and their families

Congratulations to all those students who have made their First Holy Communion over the last couple of weekends and to those who will do so this weekend.

As parents, may you continue to guide your children in the ways of faith, through good example and by nurturing your own faith life.

The Bread of Life is food for the journey.

May God bless you and your families abundantly as you shine the goodness of God in your everyday conversations, decisions and daily actions!

Book Week Dress Up and Incursion day

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Thanks to our staff for getting into the spirit of Book Week! Legends!

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Mrs Airey and her NASA team went searching for their book in the drive through!

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Found the mono brow - now where are those dalmations?

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Mr Munro embraces his inner book character!

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St Emilie's School Climate Survey Opens Next Week. Your feedback and your voice really matter to us!

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RUOK Day - Thursday 9th September

How to be a good friend and ask R U OK? - R U OK?Day 2021 (cc)

R U O K Day is a special day on the calendar to recognise the need for all Australians to regularly check in on one another and to reach out in a spirit of friendship and concern.

How to be a good friend and ask R U OK? (K-6)
This short clip was produced as a discussion starter for primary children.

National Child Protection Week

Children have the potential to thrive and be healthy when they have what they need to grow and develop well, in a safe environment.

National Child Protection Week is all about highlighting the importance of addressing child abuse and neglect in families and in communities.

Minor, everyday stresses are a normal and healthy part of a child's development, however major stressors can have a long-term effect on children’s brain development and even on their physical health.

Severe adversity that lasts over long periods of time can send the body’s stress systems into permanent high alert, flooding the body’s vital organs and the brain with stress hormones.

This ‘toxic stress’ response can derail healthy development and has even been linked to adult health problems like heart disease, diabetes and poor mental health.

The environment in which a child lives can be the source of significant stress, or support, for children.

Research tells us there is a powerful source of protection against the long-term negative effects of adversity on children.

What is it?

Stable, supportive, respectful relationships with caring adults. These relationships actually buffer them from toxic stress, softening and moderating the biological stress response.

Providing every family and community with the robust system of supports they need, has tremendous power to build critical relationships between children and caring adults.

Children and their childhoods are the most important investment we will ever make.

May the 'parenting deposits' we all make into our children's memory banks here at school and in our family lives continue to be as respectful, positive, loving, kind and forgiving as they possibly can be!


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Community Mass and Whole School Mass this term

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Thanks to those families who joined parishioners and staff at this week's Community Mass. These masses are held twice a term and run from 8.00am to 8.30am.

Connecting to our faith and receiving 'food for the journey' is a special way to start our busy days. It also gives children a great opportunity to experience community prayer in action.

We have a whole school mass on Wednesday 22nd September and this Mass commences at 9.00am. The focus of this mass will be on the important role that supporting the Missions plays in our world. We would love to see you there if you can make it! A cuppa will be held afterwards in the small hall.

Thank you year threes for this week's office display!

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professional learning

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Pictured above are Carma de Grut (CEWA consultant) , Miss Clune and Miss Williams facilitating a staff professional learning workshop this week.

We have been in the process of writing a St Emilie's 'Numeracy Position Statement'.

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The Basnayake brothers have recently been selected into the Junior Short Course State Championship! The event will be held tomorrow, Saturday the 4/9 at the HBF stadium.

Months of hard work, determination and dedication has really paid off for these two talented swimmers. Drake will be competing in two events while Phoenix will be in reserve.

Here is a picture of them with their proud coaches! Congratulations and best of luck for tomorrow boys!

are you vaccinated yet?

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St Emilie's Personal Advocacy Service is an outreach of the Catholic Church providing one to one friendship and advocacy support for people with intellectual disabilities.

As advertised last term, St Emilie's Parish has begun this PERSONAL ADVOCACY SERVICE here in our school hall for young adults with an intellectual disability.

The service operates as a small group in with trained parish community volunteers (you may recognise two advocates - Sr Geetha and Liselle Long in the photo!) Friends with disabilities receive ongoing support and encouragement from Group Facilitators and fellow Advocates.

For many people with intellectual disabilities living independently or isolated from family contact, this ongoing friendship/relationship is perhaps one of the only constants in their lives.

Being in a small group and linked one on one with volunteers from the local community encourages a variety of relationships to develop. In time and with support, opportunities in the community increase.

If you know of a family in the community whose son or daughter might benefit from this free program, please leave your details with the Office and they will be passed on to one of the organisers.

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Absent or late?

If your child is absent or late for school the explanation note must be sent to BOTH the

Class teacher: eg mailto:first name.surname@cewa.edu.au

and to:

Admin : mailto:StEmiliesAdmin@cewa.edu.au

This is an important parent responsibility and a legal requirement.

Thank you.

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Vacation Swimming Lessons - VAC SWIM

Enrolments are now open for VacSwim swimming lessons during the October and summer school vacation holidays.

VacSwim offers fun lessons at beach or pool locations. They are a great school holiday activity and they teach valuable swimming safety skills to help keep your child safe in the water.

Enrol at education.wa.edu.au/vacswim

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Goodness is the FOTHS focus for Weeks 5-10 and below are our mini foci:

Week 8: Goodness is helping others

Week 9: Goodness is acting with integrity

Week 10: Goodness is being truthful

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Homework and PP Homework Club Term 3

Two more PP grids this term:

Week 7 and 8

Week 9 and 10

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What's Coming Up?


Week 8

Tuesday 7th September

3.00-4.00pm Homework Club

Wednesday 8th September

8:45am P&F Meeting

Pre-Primary Body, Balls and Brains

6.00pm School Advisory Council Meeting

Friday 10th September

Year 4 - 6 House Field Events Day

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2021 Sacramental Dates

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Kindy Enrolments for 2022 - do you have a child starting Kindy next year?

Kindy interviews for children born between 1/7/2017 and 30/6/2018 - ie turning 4 before the 30th June 2022 are being held now.

If you have a child starting next year please ensure that you have completed an enrolment form. We still have some spaces so please spread the word!

Kindy enrolments are an exciting time for our school - we love to meet new families and touch base with our existing families!

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School social workers focus on the student in the school environment and work collaboratively with principals and teachers to minimise the impacts of personal, family and school difficulties and, where possible, remove any barriers to learning.

With students as their focus, school social workers provide consultancy, advice and support to principals, teachers and other school staff and to families so that they can best meet the needs of individual and groups of children and young people. There is a strong emphasis on individual student and family counselling and support. This is an amazing opportunity for kids, staff and families and one we have wanted in our school for some time.

Please find below the Parent Referral and Consent Form to access our School Social Worker.

You are asked to read the procedure carefully and also note that Kylie only works two days a week. While she will do her very best to accomodate all family referrals, patience may be required as she prioritises her case load and allows time for observation visits, classroom support and playground involvement.

Parent Workshops in our Local Area!

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Self-care September

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Uniform Shop

Image Embroidery now services our school community's uniform requirements.

For all uniform queries, please contact a member of the Image Embroidery team (contact details below).

Their store is just 5 minutes from St Emilie's for 'try ons' or you can order uniforms via their online form.

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Keyed Up Music Lessons here at St Emilie's - information for you

Keyed Up Music Lessons

Keyed Up Music will be teaching keyboard, guitar and voice lessons this term after school. Lessons start at $18.65 for groups of four per lesson. If you are interested in your son/daughter learning an instrument, ring Savanna on 6107 8841 or 0479 171 424 or enrol at www.keyedupmusic.com.au/enrolment-form

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St Emilie's Parish is holding an RCIA Inquiry Night at the School Hall on Sept 1, Wednesday at 7:00 pm.

If you are interested in becoming a Catholic, to inquire about RCIA or those Catholics who have not received the Sacrament of Confirmation. Everyone is welcome!

You can contact the organiser by emailing: lenngonzales@hotmail.com or phoning 0413103959

Helen Gonzales

RCIA Coordinator

St Emilie Parish

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We are so lucky to have Father Jean -Noel Marie leading our parish community .

He is approachable, caring and wise. We very much appreciate his support of St Emilie's Catholic school and thank him for his ongoing friendship and hard work..

St Emilie's Parish

Office hours: 9:00am to 4:00pm, Tuesday and Thursday

Mail: PO Box 5184, Canning Vale South WA 6970

An appointment to see a priest is required.

Parish Priest: Fr. Jean-Noël Marie

Email: Jean-noel.marie@perthcatholic.org.au

Assistant Priest: Fr. Victor Manuel Lujano

Email: victor.lujano@perthcatholic.org.au

Office Assistant: Roselle D’Souza

Email: stemilie.office@iinet.net.au

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