PreAP World Geography Family

Mrs. Carrasco - Mcallum High School

i'm looking forward to meeting you all at Back To School Night on Wed, Sep 9!

Where to find details about our class

I keep a class website that uses Google calendar for all of my classes. Students should look to this for details when they are absent, or if an assignment has gone missing and need to print out another copy. I try to limit my paper usage as much as possible so from time to time there will be assignments that will require students to access a document from the website to complete. For some, more copyright protected types of assignments, the file may require an AISD login to access it.

do you want to receive reminder texts?

I use the web-based application Remind to communicate with students (and parents!) from time to time. I try to remind students that they have a test or quiz that they should be studying for, or that a homework assignment is due the next day. It could also be that I find some great documentary related to class topics that will be on TV for students to watch if they are interested.

To sign up, send your class period code as a text message to 81010.

1st period code- @carrasco1s

2nd period code- @carrasco2n

3rd period code- @carrasco3

6th period code- @carrasco6

7th period code- @carrasco7

Upcoming Cultural Events

The Cultural Event is a semester-long assignment which asks students to go to some type of event that is outside of their "home culture." The event should be associated with a modern culture that can be traced to a specific geographic region of the world. For more details about the assignment, go to the "File Cabinet" tab of the class website.

Foodways of Mexico - Delicacies of the Northeastern Mexican Semi-desert

Thursday, Sep. 17th, 5:30-7:30pm

500 West 5th Street

Austin, TX

Chef and food researcher Abdiel Cervantes Escalona will discuss how different settlers of Northeastern Mexico have shaped its cuisine, culture, and history. Beginning with the region's pre-Hispanic roots, Chef Cervantes will explore how different peoples have influenced what is eaten in Monterrey today, from ingredients to cooking techniques. This talk will be in Spanish with simultaneous English translation. Reception to follow with a tasting of regional specialities prepared by Austin’s El Naranjo Restaurant.

RSVP via Eventbrite:

Houses on the Moon presents De Novo

Friday, Oct. 16th, 7pm

1925 San Jacinto Boulevard

Austin, TX

This documentary play, crafted entirely from immigration court transcripts, interviews and letters tells the gripping true story of fourteen year old Edgar Chocoy and his legal struggle to be allowed to stay in the United States.