Access Bars Class

March 16,2014

Did you know that you have BARS of light in and around your head? Did you know that these bars of light can serve as storage for all your experiences, points of view and even for stuff that is not yours?

So can you imagine you and your life if you were able to clear this 'storage' to create more space for you, your happiness, your joy and your ease each time you gift and receive BARS?

The Access Consciousness BARS is a super simple and effective light touch energy work that could create fun change for you right away! It is a really easy-to-learn modality that allows you to clear limitation and receive more ease & possibility in your world from your very first session. Somehow BARS releases the thoughts, feelings, patterns and emotions that might be keeping you from being more of Y O U—

LINDA RANDALL licensed Bars Facilitator253-906-4688

DONNA WISE licensed Bars Facilitator

Http://www.donnawise. 360-628-9197 h-360-894-7598

We invite you to join us for a day of expansive learning on

$200 First time * $100 repeaters (You would pay this much for a 90 minute massage)

.Bring a friend and create your own BARS exchanges...would this BE fun for you?


What will you receive?

*A manual & head chart

*Gift and receive BARS twice...Hmmmmmm ; )

*Very relaxed body, light heart and B I G smile!

*You will be a certified BARS practitioner entitling you to charge for BARS sessions*

Sunday, March 16th, 10am-6pm

12202 Pacific Ave S Suite A Tacoma WA 98444