Missouri Maverick

Roller Coaster of the Ages

What Makes the Ride Unique

The ride is unique because it goes underwater. The ride goes through a glass tunnel that is holding the water up. So, you do not get wet if you are on the ride.

Type of Motion the Ride Exhibits

The ride .straight-line motion throughout the ride even though you go in a circle it is still consider straight-line motion.

Types of Forces

Gravity- Gravity is applied when you seat on the seat gravity is hold you down and you also experience gravity every second you are on Earth.

Friction- Friction is experienced when the ride move along the track and it rubs against the track itself which is called friction.

Applied Force- The applied force is experienced when the breaks are "APPLIED" to the ride to make it stop or slow down.

Newton's Laws of Motion

First Law- Newton's First Law of Motion is applied to the ride when the breaks are applied to stop the ride. The break, being the unbalanced force, take the ride from being in motion to rest.

Second Law- Newton's Second Law of Motion is applied to the roller coaster when the chain pulls the roller coaster up the hill. The unbalanced force is the chain and the car or cart is going in the same direction as the chain because Newton's Second Law states when an unbalanced force is exerted on a object, the object will acceleration in the direction of the force. It also states force times mass equals acceleration.

Third Law- Newton's Third Law of Motion is applied to the ride when the rider sits in the seat of the car or cart. When the rider sits on the seat the seat response with a equal and opposite reaction.

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This picture show the corkscrew that I did not know how to draw.