Tears of a Tiger

By: Sharon M. Draper

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"By pushing everyone away Andy is left to think about everything he has done. Now depressed and alone Andy's mind takes over." - Sharon M. Draper

The Author

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Sharon M Damper

Sharon M Damper is a teacher as well as a very successful author. She as been awarded Nation Teacher of the Year in 1997 and is also a New York bestselling author.


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Andy Jackson

Andy Jackson is a star basketball player and one of the popular kids at school, who was driving the car the night the accident happened and his best friend was killed.
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Keisha Montgomery

Keisha Montgomery is Andy Jackson's girlfriend that is pretty much the person Andy trusts the most.
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Robert Washington

Robert Washington is Andy's best fried and is the only one who gets killed in the accident.

The Conflict

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The major conflict in this book is depression. After the car accident Andy and his friends were involved in, which lead to Rob Washington's death, Andy Jackson became very depressed and started to blame himself for Rob's death. The symbol I pick to represent this conflict is the car that was involved in the accident. I picked this because the car and the crash is what cause Andy to be depressed.

The Setting

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Hazlewood High School

The setting of Tears of a Tiger takes place at Hazlewood High School. The author never really states were in America the school is located but it's a high school in America.


Point of view

The interesting thing about this book is the the author tells this story in different point of views and in other ways too. The author tells the story in newspaper articals, phone calls, letters, school assignments, and a lot more different ways, I definitely like the format and the style the author used for this story.

Tears of a Tiger trilogy

Book Rating

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