What is the healthiest meal

Jimmy John


-Cookie    The healthiest cookie is the raisen oatmeal cookie because it has 370 calories and protein has 6g of  protein.                                                                                                                                       -Sub   The best sub is one of the slims it is the Roast Beef it has 430 calories and 29 protein.-Drink    The water was the best because it had 0 calories and 0 of every thing     -Chips    The healthiest chip is the Thinny Jimmy Chips. It has has 150 calories, 2g of protein, and 5g of total fat.


The unhealthiest meal is the:sub- J.J. Gargantuan with 1060 calories and 69 protein.drink- large coke with 350 calories and 0 protein.chips- Regular Jimmy Chips had 150 calories, 9 total fat, and 2 protein.cookie- Chocolate Chip Cookie with 400 calories and 5 protein.


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