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Thursday January 28th: After School Workshop on Saving Documents in the Cloud!

If you are interested in attending a workshop on how to save/backup files in the cloud in either Google Drive or OneDrive I will be hosting a session Thursday January 28th after school from 3-4 in the board room. This session will help get your computer ready for the Windows 10 Installation. When you are ready to get Windows 10 installed on your computer sign up for a day and time slot with IT at the following link below.

Link to Sign up for Windows 10

Syncing transfer students to your class in Haiku

Many of you have linked your Haiku Pages into one site, which makes things so much easier to manage. However, any new student added into your section after you have linked them are not included in the roster. Below are the steps to run when you have a student that joined your class after the linked Haiku Page was created.

First make sure the Roster Section is linked and not copied. Go to Manage Class > Roster, find the Section, and make sure there's a Link icon next to the Section name. If so, please complete the next step to sync with the source roster. Again, this is for classes that have been linked to make one site and does not impact standalone (unlinked) Haiku Pages.

Go to Manage Class > Roster > Sync with Source and select the section you want to sync.

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Technology Shared at the January 4th Staff Professional Development Day

Google Tips and Tricks

At the Google Tips and Tricks workshop hidden secrets and gems that utilize google to give you new ideas to incorporate in the classroom were shared. The following were presented in the session...Google Lit Trips, Tour Builder, GeoGuessr, Smarty Pins, Virtual Field Trips; Learn To Build With Chrome (Legos), and Google Newspaper.

Link to Presentation

Haiku Assessments

In the Haiku Assessessment session we shared and discussed the different types of assessments you can set up in Haiku. We showed and discussed the various types of assessments; multiple choice, true/false, matching, fill in the blank, short response, ExamView software questions and ways to grade/view results of assessments given.

Link to Presentation

Haiku Semester Roll-Over

All teachers were shown how to roll-over course content into their new classes and learned the difference between “Share,” “Link,” and “Save As” within Haiku Learning as we enter the new semester.

Step-by-Step Process of Haiku Semester Roll-Over

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Melissa York: Technology Integration Specialist

Feel free to "book me" at the following website or contact me if you would like for me to help incorporate technology into your classroom and curriculum.