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By: Lexie Hackman and Olivia Morris

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Weather in Egypt is usually dry and hot during summer in most of the country but by the Delta and along the Mediterranean coast it is humid. Winter is kind of hot with some rain but usually it is pretty with cold nights. For this week it is going to be about 75 degrees. At night the temperatures will drop to about 62 degrees.

King Tut's Birthday

Monday, Jan. 24th 1346 at 11am-1pm

Royal Palace

King Tut is celebrating his 4th birthday at the Royal Palace with all the town people and everyone else that wants to come. At the party there will be many delicious treats and yummy food! There will be a live petting zoo right in King Tut's ballroom. We hope everyone can join us to celebrate this great day!

Egyptian Cooking 101

The new style of cooking is making bread, beer, vegetables, and to catch and eat fish. For your new meal you should sauté your vegetables in beer to give it a pop of flavor. Egyptian kids love eating warm delicious bread with butter. You also have to put some seasoning on the fish to give it some flavor. This is how to make a delicious Egyptian meal.

Egyptian Toys and Games

Today the popular games and toys are balls that are filled with seeds. These balls make sound such as a shaking or rattling sounds. Girls mostly like paddle shaped dolls. The dolls hair is made out of clay beads. The most common game is Senate and Snake. During the game sticks are thrown while playing.

Style and Fashion

There are many different new fashions for this week but the most popular fashion is very colorful outfits. You should wear gems and jewels. It is important to look pretty but comfortable. Make sure you stay cool and don't get hot. You can wear different patterns like chetah and leopard.

Live Interview with Hatshepsut

Welcome Hatshepsut to our studio. Today we will talk to you about your actions. Just let us talk to you for a minute to ask some questions First of all why are you pretending to be king when you should not even be on the throne? Why haven't you told Thutmose III that he is the actual king? I hope that Hatshepsut doesn't kill us because she kills everyone! Lets get OUT of here!


The new top movie this week is about the interview with Hatshepsut. This movie shows the full interview with some extra never before seen footage. In this movie you will see her killing Thutmose II. We hope that you can come and see this movie.

Animals for Sale

The first animal this week that is for sale is a sheep. You can buy the sheep for 10 shekels of wheat. The second animal that is for sale this week is a buffalo. You can buy the buffalo for 15 shekels of sugarcane. The final animal for sale this week is a turkey which is worth 6 shekels of gold. We hope you can get over to our animal farm soon!


Egypt is the new hotspot to hang out. Many people have been attracted here because of our amazing food and beautiful pyramids in Giza. Most importantly you should visit Giza to see the large beautiful pyramids. We hope that you can come and visit us.


The most popular comic lately is the comic of Gilgamesh. This comic is making many people laugh because of how strong he is. He saves his country by saving people from harm. Gilgamesh is the greatest super hero of his time.