We WILL Reopen

The Question is When?

I hope this email finds all of you well and safe with your loved ones around you. It is a scary world we are living in right now, each day it seems like there is something else, right? Hard to wrap our heads around, sometimes pure disbelief of what is unfolding in front of our eyes. With all the sadness that surrounds us, all the uncertainty, I wanted to give you a little piece of hope.

Our studio doors WILL REOPEN, it is just a matter of when. As our state begins to open in the beginning phases, I wanted to reach out to all of you with our plans, potential policies, and I also want to here from you as well.

Yoga studios fall under the category of "Recreation" which is a part of phase 4 reopening. Phase 4 reopening, is also the phase in which schools will reopen, and our Governor has already stated they will be closed the remainder of the summer. We are uncertain if we will be lumped with schools and all other phase 4 businesses, or if we will be allowed to open meeting the criteria set out in the 2 week intervals.

So here is our answer, we may open any times from July-September, or beyond.

Doesn't sound like a definitive answer does it, because it isn't. However there was a time through this all that I seriously thought we were not going to reopen. I felt OUR (yes it is just as much yours as it is mine) studio being pulled out from under us, and being honest I was scared, confused, and unsure. However through the ups and downs and the roller coaster of emotions this whole pandemic has brought me, I remained confident that if it were meant to be, it will be. I can say with 100% certainty. IT WILL BE!!

As we reopen certain policies will be put into place, and some are still being ironed out. We also have not gotten official word from the state what the guidelines will be for phase 4 businesses, but we must remain proactive and approach this as safely as we possibly can. Below is a list of policies and procedures we are currently working on, and changes that will be made going forward

  • Class sizes will be smaller
  • More classes and time will be added where necessary, and will be evaluated consistently upon reopening. However we will reopen with pretty much the same schedule, with a few minor changes.
  • All classes will be mandatory pre-registration
  • Masks can/will be warn if required to do so, by staff and clients
  • We will also provide masks if necessary
  • Clients will be let into the studio one at a time, and asked to go to a designated mat spot
  • Clients will be dismissed one a time after the end of our sessions. This will be to avoid crowding in our lobby
  • We will be implementing "Yoga Bundles" and "Yoga Boxes"
  • Yoga Bundles will include: 2 blocks, 1 strap, eye pillow, blanket, and bolster
  • Yoga Boxes: will be like a locker space to keep your yoga props at the studio, and sanitized by you, before returning them to your Yoga Box
  • Utilization of the studios equipment will be handed to you by teachers, to reduce crowding by the prop area. Props will be placed back in a separate area, where teachers will properly sanitize and put back sanitized equipment. This will happen at the end of every class session.
  • The studio will be cleaned professionally on a daily basis
  • Personal belongings to be left locked in your vehicle.
  • Cash payments will still be accepted but must be paid for the next session at the end of a class, and you must notify the teacher. Otherwise everything can be done directly on MindBody when booking classes. For example: If you were on the last of your 5 pack, you would need to pay for your next 5 pack, if wishing to pay cash that class, so you can book future classes.

*Please note these are just some of the changes as we figure out and navigate this new normal. We ask of patience and kindness, as we may not be able to accommodate everyone, and may be forced to do things we don't necessarily want to do*

Virtual Classes

In addition to these amendments to the way we run the studio, we will still be offering online virtual classes. These classes will look different than the ones currently being offered. They will be more of an online library of classes, with different duration and themes of ones you can chose. Some classes "may" be filmed and shared live an the studio. However we are currently trying to figure out the new software, and unsure if this is obtainable. If classes are recorded live, with patrons in the studio, it will be listed prior as a set of classes on the schedule. For example class may read 9:30am Open Level (Live Recording) In addition to this a waiver will be signed by those in attendance, but we will try to set up recording with minimal exposure of students.

There are many kinks we are still trying to figure out, the one thing we can say with certainty, is that there will still be some sort of virtual classes offered, due to the class sizes being down sized, so you can still get your yoga in.

Lastly, we all left a different studio in March, and one that will look very different, or I should say FEEL very different than the one we return to. I have prided myself on building this community with all of you, where we feel safe and held, in our sacred practice. If something is not working, or something is infringing upon the sacredness of the practice, it will be adjusted accordingly. Our place, Our Studio, is not one where I want people to feel anxious about disease, not one where I want people feeling uncertain about their mats, and not one where you can not fully release and let go in your practice. That being said, if I feel at any times, some of these things, and future guidelines, infringe upon any of that, I will reevaluate and recreate, to create a space that closely feels, and resembles the same space we left in March.

See you all soon,


Please take time to fill the survey out below, as I would love to hear from you!

Survey To Help Us Reopen

How to Obtain a Home Practice

As we still are not connected in the physical, I wanted to share some tips for helping you with your home practice and still finding your time on your mat. I have been practicing at home for many years, actually this is where my practice began. Much of the way you all are practicing now. Here are some tips and pointers to help you during this time

  1. TIME:Practice at the same time every day, it is easy to build routine and repetition that becomes ingrained in you
  2. NO EXCUSES: Just as if you were on the phone with an important phone call you may shew your spouse or child away as they ask something. Do the same with your practice. Your family will slowly learn to leave you alone during this time
  3. BUILD: a space where your mat is set out and ready to go
  4. PREPARE:If practicing first thing in the morning, set out your clothes and water bottle near your mat the night before. Simply unrolling your mat and having it out, will call you to it.
  5. DON'T HIT PAUSE: If the kids need help because they forgot the wifi password, don't hit pause, chances are you won't go back to it, or you may loose your groove. Press fast forward, or simply wrap up your practice if necessary, fast forward to cool down and savasana.
  6. DON'T SKIP SAVASANA: this is the most important part of our practice, if this is all you do then you have completed your practice.
  7. BE KIND to yourself, if it isn't there one day try again the next, if you didn't finish one day, you did some, which is better than none.

With that being said, I have attached this class for all free of charge to maybe try to play around with and find your own home practice!.

I will see you on your mat!.

ditch the dog 5/31/2020

Ditch The Dog 5-31-2020

Life sometimes throws us curve balls we aren't ready for or willing to accept. This often paralyzes us at first, and we think we can't accomplish what it is we need.As I share in class today, sometimes we just have to ditch our old ways, and it may even be our old ways of thinking, to still find what it is we are looking for. 2 blocks and a strap recommended but not needed if you do not have at home.

This class will remain up for the next week FREE to all. If you were registered for today's class, I logged you out to not take away from your packages.

Reminder packages are all still on sale indefinitely until we reopen, they are as follows

5 Packs- 50% of at $32.50

10 Packs- 50%off at $60.00

Unlimited Classes- Without Contract- $100,

(same value as contracted members)

Virtual Class Schedule

Sunday- Open Level

Monday-Gentle Yoga

Tuesday- Open Level

Wednesday- Open Level

Thursday- Gentle Yoga

Friday- Open Level

Saturday- Open Level

*sign up for any class on the day you wish to take class. The emailed link will be shared with you between 9-10am, where you will have approximately 24 hrs to complete your class, before the link will become unavailable*

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