Green Revolution

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The Green Revolution is a great way to increase agricultural productivity in your country. Scientists and farmers pair up to create HYV seeds that create better crops. You will also learn how to efficiently have two harvests per year! Expansion of land will increase the ability you have to grow food. And once you start, you keep getting better. New technologies, new methods, it gets better and better!

Why Choose the Green Revolution?

The Green Revolution is a great way to better economic, sociological, and political jobs in your country. Just look at India! After India joined the Green Revolution, it's economy boosted, many countries started looking up to them, and millions of people were provided with jobs! Wouldn't you want that? Well now you can!

But, What is the Green Revolution?

The Green Revolution was created by Norman Borlaug in 1943 in Mexico. He wanted to create a way to better agriculture in Mexico. He did this by doing three simple things:
First, farmers started using more and more land to plant crops.
Farmers also planted seeds twice a year instead of once, with the help of an "artificial monsoon" created by huge irrigation facilities.
Agricultural researchers in India created high yield value seeds for farmers to use, specializing in wheat, rice, corn, and millet.

The Green Revolution was a major success in Mexico and many other countries! You could be one of them too.

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